A New Year Awaits!

Did you have a good Christmas? Did you pause to think about Who Christ is?

Well, in a couple of days you get another chance. It won’t be about His birth or death, but about Ron & Teresa 1131CDPhow He has blessed you throughout the year. And how he will lead you in the future.

New Year’s brings a lot of things to mind, such as football, parties, and new promises you probably won’t keep. But how many of us pause to consider what God has planned for us?

If you’re a Christian, He has promised to instruct, teach, and guide you (Psalm 32:8). He has a plan for each of us, but it is up to us to seek His face, listen to His voice, and obey. It is not likely to be an audible voice, but more like a still soft voice in the back of your mind. You will need to mute all the sounds around you to be able to hear Him.

Take time to listen to Him and then obey Him. I have found over the years that when I listen and obey things generally work out better for me. But when I insist on doing it my way – well, there are consequences!

The New Year holds many promises for us. Teresa and I are excited about new opportunities, such as her first novel which is almost completed, TR Academy which will soon be launched, and brand new challenges and opportunities (unknown to us) which await us in the new year.

What about you?

Published by R. Frederick Riddle

My wife (Tess) and I are authors and co-founders of T&R Independent Books. Founded in 2014 TR publishes our books and promotes writing. While we write in two different genres (Tess in Teen and mystery, myself in historical fiction) both writings are from a Christian perspective. I am first a Christian and secondly an author. I love writing about Old Testament saints. Whenever I write I always try to place myself within the primary character's shoes. In long novels that means I may focus on different characters at differing times. The result hoped for is that I bring the character to life. Apparently, according to reviewers, I have achieved this. I also write in Speculative fiction (future history, if you will), plus we've not started TR Writing Services to assist new and struggling authors to write and publish using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. And we keep our prices low.

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