Can I Write?

That is a question that people are asking themselves all the time. We’ve all seen the rich and famous authors, but we forget that once they were unknown. Once they may have entertained doubts about whether they can write.

But now they are authors!

How did this happen? Did they attend a college, a seminar, or some other educational institution. Or did they just start writing?

The truth is that authors travel many roads to reach the pinnacle. And there may exist roads not yet traveled. What does that mean to you? Well, for one thing it should mean that there isn’t one road for everyone. Secondly, it should cause you to look at what may be the common denominator.

Is it motivation? There are plenty of motivating factors out there. Motivation is important, but it varies from person to person.

 Is it know how? Well, know how can make the difference in a well crafted story or a flop, but not always.

Is it education? We have already pointed out that there are differing educational routes you can take.

So what is the common factor?

It is really simple. If you want to be a writer you must start. Whatever route you are going to take must have a beginning.

That’s why we started the Authors Academy. The beauty of it is that it allows you to learn, apply, and start writing now. You are in charge and apply the lessons as they best suit you.

Why not go to Authors Academy and learn what TR Authors Academy is all about?



LogoColorTextBelow     Authors Academy is a product of T&R Independent Books.

Published by R. Frederick Riddle

My wife (Tess) and I are authors and co-founders of T&R Independent Books. Founded in 2014 TR publishes our books and promotes writing. While we write in two different genres (Tess in Teen and mystery, myself in historical fiction) both writings are from a Christian perspective. I am first a Christian and secondly an author. I love writing about Old Testament saints. Whenever I write I always try to place myself within the primary character's shoes. In long novels that means I may focus on different characters at differing times. The result hoped for is that I bring the character to life. Apparently, according to reviewers, I have achieved this. I also write in Speculative fiction (future history, if you will), plus we've now started TR Writing Services to assist new and struggling authors to write and publish using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. And we keep our prices low.

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