The Persecuted Church Part 3

The anti-Christian movement has reached our colleges.

That’s right. In the very place we expect open discussions and tolerance the opposite occurs where Christianity is involved. Christians are ridiculed, ignored, and/or punished. Belief in the Bible is equated with ignorance even though many of these colleges were started by Christians. Christian beliefs and behavior is frowned up.

Publishing with Create Space

CreateSpace is a publishing platform that offers you the control you desire and, along with it, the ability to reap the profits. Would you like to start getting 35% royalties at the first printing? Or how about 70% royalty? Either one is possible.

Global Warming

The problem is that global warming is probably not happening on the scale that the tabloids and shock troops of ‘the world is ending’ persuasion claim. But, influenced by a flawed movie and self-serving lies, they press forward demanding changes that would undermine, at the least, world economies.