Friday News : Use Your Life Experiences

Welcome to Friday News. Every Friday I share news with you; primarily about writing and sometimes about life in general. This week it is about:Use Your Life Experiences.

Have you ever heard the statement, Everyone has a book within them? Generally speaking that statement refers to the fact that we all have experiences of one sort or another. We are the expert on those experiences and thereby can write about them with authority!

Let’s Take It Another Step

Why stop at writing a single book. I don’t know you but I will say this with some confidence: You have a plethora of experiences! (How’d you like that big word plethora. It simply means ‘a lot’.)

When writing a book of any type (fiction or nonfiction) you often bring your own experiences to bear, sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously. What I am talking about today is to intentionally and consciously use your experiences.

I write speculative fiction which involves space travel, planets, and plenty of scientific marvels. Yet I’ve never been on a spaceship, nor been to another planet, nor have a science degree. So how can that be using my experiences?

Because I’m writing about human beings.

One thing about humans is that our experiences can take place within a great number of circumstances. Our experience may be in dealing with a difficult problem, with difficult people, or dealing with success.

When I write I try to become the character I am writing about. But I still retain my own identity and experiences. And I sometimes add those experiences to the character’s experience. Having done that, I now have a shared experience although in different situations. This enables me to not only connect with the character but to influence the character’s reaction to the experience.

I also write Bible based novels, historical novels. Again, my experiences are not exactly like the historical figure’s experience, but I can add my experience or at least dive into that character’s experience. Again, this enables me to bring out the character’s response in a more meaningful way.

It gives me a chance to explore the character deeper, developing his or her attitudes, personalities, and much more. And it gives the reader a chance to relate more to the character.

That sounds hard.

At first it is hard. But it is as they say, practice makes perfect. The more you involve yourself into your story the more natural it will be. The key is that when writing, especially writing fiction, don’t be afraid of involving yourself.

Another way of understanding this is to ‘become the character’. Immerse yourself into him or her. And it doesn’t have to be one character. In the beginning, you will probably focus only on the primary character. But as your confidence grows you might consider expanding to other supporting characters.

Just remember that the primary character should be the one that you develop to the highest degree. That’s the one who should dominate and, therefore, the one you identify with the most.

Here’s an experiment.

Take one of your favorite books and read it again. Then take your favorite character in the book and write down the things you know about him or her. Chances are you will see a lot of things about that character or the experiences that character lives through that you identify with. That is not an accident. I believe the author either intentionally or unintentionally lent his or her own experiences to the character thereby creating a character you could relate too.

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