Ron’s Tip of the Day Research

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today I am looking at Research.

Lately I’ve been touching on a subject dear to my heart, Research.

Why Research?

Because when you are writing fiction or non-fiction research is a necessary and a sometimes overlooked necessity.

I don’t Understand the Importance of Research.

That’s a fair statement.

Let’s say that you are from Michigan and you are in a bookstore looking for a novel to read. You find one titled “Deadeye Will” (a book I wrote). What would you expect to find?

  • Michigan scenery
  • Michigan cities
  • Michigan people
  • Southern Ohio cities

Which of the above would you least likely expect to see but might?

Southern Ohio cities.

While you might see places outside of Michigan you would certainly expect to see something of Michigan. In that book you see places in southeast Michigan (i.e., Detroit and Pontiac,) central Michigan (Saginaw and West Branch), and northern lower Michigan (Thunder Bay).

All of this requires research. You want enough detail to make for a good story, but you also want it to be as accurate as possible to please the people in those areas that might read your book.

In my opinion, research is the key element that a story turns on. Your book might be fiction, but a good description of where it takes places can bring a book alive. On the other hand, poor research or no research can really hurt a book.

I once read an otherwise good novel based on Noah and the Ark. But it was ruined for me because the author included drinking with a glass. I’ve never seen any evidence that glass existed. It’s a little thing, but it can create a jarring note.

Tip of the Day: Diligent Research can pay big dividends for your book.

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