Ron’s Tip of the Day Politics of Fear

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today is Friday News Day and I am looking at Politics of Fear.

It is unfortunate but fear is a commodity that has taken over the political landscape. It doesn’t matter if the fear is genuine or manufactured if it helps the person(s) agenda who is pushing it.

When I was a child there was genuine fear of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. But they are gone now. In previous elections we have seen the Democratic party, perhaps the worst user of political fear, use fear as part of their campaigns. In some instances, Republicans have used fear, usually of the politics of the opponent.

That kind of fear is fine if it is moderate. But these days the Left uses fear to drive demonstrations and riots. Interestingly it creates fear in others who are innocent and watching.

Fear is manipulative. Not too long ago we had protests about the death of George Floyd. Based on the expressed reasons for the protests the fears were genuine. But the protestors fear opened them up to the Black Lives Matter Movement and the rest is history.

These days the Democrats are fearful of becoming irrelevant. Often their statements are out of contact with everyday life. Even the rank and file have become incoherent because of their fear. They don’t mention their fear; instead they use lies, ridicule, and mockery. And they raise new fears to persuade people to vote them into office though it would be a tragedy for America.

The Politics of Fear is the weapon of choice for the Left. It has been effective in the past so why not use it now? The fear of Covid-19, though the death rate has plunged to 3.4%, is a big winner for them. But there are other fears as well.

The Politics of Fear must be resisted.

Tip of the Day: Don’t let fear overwhelm you.

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