Ron’s Tip of the Day Covid-19 Death Rate

Welcome to Ron’s Tip of the Day. Throughout the week I will share a tip with you. Today is Friday News Day and I am looking at Covid-19 Death Rate.

Surging numbers, Record high deaths, Alarming rise in deaths

Do these statements sound familiar to you? They should. You read and hear about them daily in your newspapers and television. It is in essence classic misinformation.

Aren’t the Numbers Accurate?

Yes. But when you state the number 140,000 deaths that sounds like an awful lot. It brings pictures of body bags to mind. But is that a fair and accurate presentation?

The Picture Presented does not Agree with the Facts

The truth is that the death of one person for any reason is a tragedy. But we need more truth in reporting.

During the same time period (over 8 weeks) that deaths have been described as surging the death rate has been plunging. That’s right, plunging!

At the end of May the U.S. death rate stood at 5.8%, its highest point for the year. But as of July 31, the death rate had plunged to a low 3.4%.

But the Death Rate lags the Rise in Cases

That is true. But we are talking over 8 weeks! Originally you heard talk about 2 weeks delay, then 4 weeks, and now even higher. Every day we hear about new highs in deaths and yet a lower death rate. So far, the death rate has not leveled off but is still plunging. There is no evidence that it will go up. Yet the media is in panic mode.

What Does That Mean?

It means that the focus on the number of cases and deaths is misleading. When dealing with large numbers you need to keep things in perspective. Thus, the need to take a serious look at the death rate. We need to mourn the loss of life but operate using common sense.

Tip of the Day: It is time for common sense.

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