Friday News & Commentary 08 07 20

Today’s Issue: Biden & Trump

Welcome to Friday News. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I share tips while on Friday and Monday I report the news.

Biden vs. Trump Polling

We’re approaching the Democratic Convention and, as might be predicted, the media has Biden well ahead of President Trump in the polls. Are they right?

Good question. I’m not a fan of polls, but I do watch them. In my opinion the Rasmussen poll is the most accurate because it is the only poll that is based on Likely registered voters.

In it, Biden leads by single digits with a +/- 5%, essentially a tie. But it is way too early in the campaign. We will have a clearer picture after the conventions.

Why is Biden hiding in his basement?

It’s his strategy. And to some extent it is working at least as far as fundraising is concerned. But there is an old saying that ‘you can’t hide forever’. When the convention takes place, he is going to be saddled with an extreme left agenda which he will have to come out and explain.

He can’t expect his Vice-Presidential candidate to hold the water. He will have to speak up. That is problematic.

Is Trump in Trouble?

The media says yes, but a more realistic answer is probably no. With over 90% approval from Republicans and his poll numbers in other areas surging, he seems to be in a strong position. The worst of the virus and the riots seem to be past. The truth regarding the Trump Administration regarding Covid-19 or anything else lags behind the lies and innuendoes, but it will come out.

My own forthcoming book due out late August or early September details much of his administration’s history regarding Covid-19 and it is different from the news media’s view. I include daily reports, a monthly chart on death rate, and a comparison between the U.S. and World death rates.

Note: Death Rates are generally not reported by the media; they report deaths. But the death rate is the most important data.

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