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Today’s Issue: Labor Day

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What is Labor Day?

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

As a former union member in good standing I celebrate workers, both unionized and non-unionized. American industry is built upon the dedication and hard work of millions of men and women. Unfortunately, the Labor Movement is not the same as it was when I was a young factory worker.

Although the politicization of unions was well underway back then they at least tried to maintain a public persona of being neutral. Today the union movement is dying because leaders have become more involved in politics and less involved in the workers themselves.

Unions came into existence because the average worker didn’t feel they were being recognized for their work. Working conditions were bad, pay was weak, and abuse appeared to be rampant. And unions were able to use their leverage to accomplish much good.

But along the way they changed.

Like I said it was already underway when I was a young man, but today’s unions are a far cry from what I knew back then.

Will There Always Be a Need for Unions?

Good question. It is possible unions will disappear altogether, but it’s also true there may be a continuing need. Most businesses have awakened to the fact that a happy, healthy, well paid work force is a productive workforce. I am sure there are some businessmen and women who haven’t gotten that memo yet, but they are few and only time will tell if the need continues.

One reason people want to come to our country is the freedom to work, to invent, to explore the unknown, and to make their mark. Not to mention provide for their families. Legal immigration is one of the backbones of our work force. So many people have come here from other countries and contributed to America’s well-being. Illegal immigration has yet to prove it has any such benefit to the country or to the illegal immigrant.

America Remains a Free Country.

As long as it remains free people will want to come here. It seems to me legal Immigration should be expanded with higher numbers of immigrants allowed into the United States. I think we should have a balanced approach with the Wall as a necessary deterrent to illegal immigration plus a wider door to come through which would be a fair and equitable plan. Immigrants need to be vetted since we live in a violent anti-American world.

Dealing with the existing illegal immigrants has become the cause célèbre of politics. But isn’t it putting the cart before the horse? Before dealing with those already in the U.S. we need to first stop the flow into the United States. Let’s plug the leak through the Wall, increase border security, and reform Legal Immigration. Once that’s done then deal with how to treat the illegal immigrants.

Do You Favor DACA?”

To some degree this has already been taken care of by President Trump. Tired of waiting on Congress to deal with this issue he issued a decree than many feel answers the DACA needs. Only time will tell how this work out and whether Congress eventually adopts it. Remember, a Presidential decree only lasts as long as the President is in office. The next President can issue an entirely different decree.

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