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A Government Mess

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at A Government Mess.
Rethinking Government
I thought I knew our constitutional government. I was always taught there were three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Turns out I was taught wrong. At least according to our news media.
What Does the News Media Say?
Well, let’s take a look at the Justice Department. According to the News Media the President is not supposed to exercise authority over the Justice Department. They are supposedly independent from the Administration.
The problem with this is that, aside from the Constitution, historically speaking the President has always had authority. For example, President Kennedy used the Justice Department to go after those who opposed him. And so have other presidents, including Obama. Yet now that Trump is President he supposedly doesn’t have authority over it.
You can take a look at every department of the Administration. Constitutionally they are all under the President, just like any well-run company. But the News Media keeps saying that Trump is endangering the proper status quo, the independence of the Justice Department.
This Would Be Dumb
If this was how our government was set up it would be dumb and unworkable. You literally make the President a figurehead. In other words, he would be unimportant. We would have a governmental mess that makes our government weak at home and abroad.
Let Trump Be President
There are people outside the Administration’s inner core that are trying to bring down the President. They have the ear and cooperation of the News Media.
I don’t for a second believe the resistance movement within the Administration’s command structure actually exists. It is possible, but unlikely. And if there is or are such people they should resign or be fired. Having people that close to the Presidency is dangerous for the President and for the country.
Trump Triumphant
What is so amazing is that with this resistance movement, also known as the Deep State, apparently formed before Trump took office, being so widespread and powerful, Trump has been by every measure a success.  Take a look:

  • Economic Success – I hear Obama claiming his policies resulted in the resurgence. Really? It wasn’t until after the election that company executives were emboldened enough to start new projects and hiring new employees. And these weren’t low tech jobs, but good paying high tech jobs! Technically Obama was President, but the real cause was the election of Donald Trump.
  • Foreign Success – Trump carries a big stick, but he gets what he wants. NATO countries are now providing greater financial support to NATO; Europe is becoming more cooperative; North Korea has backed down and negotiations are probably underway; Mexico has signed a better deal than we formerly had; and Canada has been brought screaming to the table.

Under Trump There is No Mess
The facts suggest that the media and the left (bedfellows) are the ones in a mess. They keep attacking and losing. Yeah, the poles say they’re winning. But actual elections keep going Trump’s way. Please remember these are the same poles giving Hillary the victory. The media consistently creates false narratives and proclaims the end of the Trump Era only to be upended by the truth.
I can hardly wait for the actual election and seeing Trump continue his amazing accomplishments!
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