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A Last Minute Recount Controversial if Dishonest

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at A last minute recount controversial if dishonest.
First, a word about Veterans Day. I am a veteran (1964-68 Vietnam War), so I definitely appreciate veterans of any service that served their country. Yesterday was the official anniversary of the end of WWI. During the celebration of this event the French President made the statement that nationalism and patriotism are opposites thereby suggesting that globalism and patriotism are kindred spirits.
That is far from the truth. Nationalism and patriotism are two sides of the same coin. In both cases you are loyal to your country, putting your country first. Globalism is actually a route to the One World Government that many people favor these days. It will be a sad day when that happens and it will nullify the bloodshed on countless battlefields to protect and guard our nation.
While we  have an independent nation let’s honor our veterans no matter what war they fought in. But not just in holding celebrations, etc. but in taking care of them. Previous administrations have left our warriors sick, dying, and homeless. That is tragic and unacceptable!
Now for the Recount.
Here in Florida we are looking at the possibility of another recount of up to three elections. These elections affect who will be our next Governor, who will represent us in the Senate, and who will be the AG Commissioner.
Currently at least one recount is going forward, the senate race between Senator Bill Nelson and Governor Rick Scott. The recount seems centered in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. But it could expand to the entire state.
Now I understand that the law says that if the difference is less than .5% of the electorate a recount is mandatory. This law came into existence as a result of the 2000 Election that had a major impact not only on the state but upon the United States.
Problem #1 – why set such a high percentage? A half a percent may seem low but when you translate that into votes you discover that it is in the tens of thousands of ballots. But while I question the reasoning, it is the law. And while I question the wisdom, I accept it. The truth is I can’t do much else. But looking forward I think that percent should be lowered since we live in a divided state. If they don’t do something now we can expect recounts every major election or at least every four years.
Problem #2 – I see the same counties involved that have messed up in previous elections. They have had the opportunity to get their houses in order, but obviously have failed to do so. In this modern age of computers and high tech such mess ups are inexcusable. And I am not the only one to notice. Even the liberal media has noticed!
And why is Broward County refusing to even say how many votes remain uncounted. I think that in itself smells. Rightly or wrongly it is perceived as a cover-up. This needs to be addressed perhaps with a new law.
I’m glad that Governor Scott is stepping into this mess. While Gillium says to count every vote that is not what is at issue. We want only legitimate votes counted. Not dead people, not illegal immigrants, only registered voters who went to the polls (or mailed it in). We the people of the State of Florida have a right to expect the State to vigorously defend the vote and insist on clean procedures. It appears that the State needs to look over the shoulder of all counties and guarantee fair and accurate counting.
On Thursday of last week Scott was victorious in court and the counties were ordered to turn over all relevant records to the State. Hopefully, this order will shortcut the entire recount process and make the best of a very messy situation.
I lived in Michigan when the 2000 election took place. Then as now Broward and Palm Beach counties couldn’t do their job. The election of a new President was held hostage until the result was finalized by the Supreme Court.

  • Forty Nine other states were able to have accurate voting. But Florida couldn’t. Was it because Florida had a large immigrant community? Other states have similar communities and they didn’t experience these problems.
  • Could it be that the ballots were too confusing? That’s an argument for standardized ballots.
  • Could it be fraud? That’s always a possibility.

Florida became the laughingstock of the country and deservedly so for the way it handled the votes in 2000. Countless jokes were passed around with Florida the butt of them. It ended up going to the Supreme Court. But while they settled the matter, it created widespread discontent.
Supposedly the problems have been fixed since then and the election was supposed to go smoothly.
Well, you sure fooled me!
Problem #3 – who’s guarding the hen house? We have the same people recounting the ballots that did the initial counting. In fact, it has been stated in the media, liberal media at that, the counters are partisans. In a Democratic county that means they are Democrats making judgments about signatures and other issues that affect the legitimacy of ballots.
In addition they will be hiring more counters that have to be trained. This is like having the fox guard the hen house! It certainly doesn’t give one a sense that this is honest and aboveboard. Rather it tickles your nose and you begin to smell something funny. A smell that alarms you.
The perception is going to be that they have been dishonest no matter who wins! Once again the state of Florida will be the laughingstock of the nation.
I can hear the joke now: Who’s going to go to the cemetery to verify who voted or not? The answer: The undertaker and he’s a Democrat.
That admittedly is not very funny, but then again neither is the recount. But it shows the reputation that Democrats have earned over the years. Is it a correct reputation? No one knows, but it is a perception.
Problem #4 – What’s this about the military and absentee ballots not being counted? History shows that the military tends to vote strongly conservative and the absentee ballots lean Democratic. Now we’re hearing that both may not have been counted. However the recount goes, they need to fix this, especially on the military side of things. People who serve our country overseas should not be robbed of their right to vote even as they continue to serve.
But that is exactly what happens when you don’t count their vote or count it incorrectly. Neither the military nor absentee ballots should be treated so shamelessly. This is a right that cost many Americans their lives! We live in the best country in the world where everyone, including the poor, has a right to vote and participate in the election of representatives who will hopefully rule the country like we want.
How did this happen?
Well, there are plenty of theories. Here is a partial list:

  • Voter mistakes. Somehow thousands of Floridians voted in the wrong precinct or didn’t write their name correctly or whatever. Thousands of voters? That’s hard to believe.
  • Machine foul-ups. But how could the machines mess up thousands of ballots and not be discovered? Are we to believe that the workers are incompetent? The sheer size suggests it’s more than that.
  • This can be done regarding thousands of votes. So far no evidence has been discovered proving such a crime. But the magnitude of this problem at least suggests the possibility.

Just a guess but I suspect that local political powers manipulate the vote. Perhaps by submitting votes by people lying in the grave (there were reports of traffic being held up by zombies walking to the voting center), or perhaps votes by non-citizens or perhaps messing with the machines themselves. However they do it, it is hard to believe it is incompetence. Rather it is like voter fraud.
So what is going to be the result?
That’s a good question. The Democrats are hoping that the recount will result in flipping the original results tabulated on Election Day. That would be an acceptable outcome if only real votes are counted. But I for one am not sure that will happen.
I was watching the news and some of the ballots they showed on screen showed only one person receiving a vote on the entire ballot! That raises a question: who goes to the polls and only votes for one person? I have never heard of such a thing and I’ve been voting a long time. It smells like fraud. Is it possible that they only voted for one person? Yes. But would thousands of people do it? I really doubt that.
As mentioned earlier it looks now like the race to become governor is no longer over. The ongoing recounts are narrowing that lead. It looked like DeSantis won fair and square, but now the recount is also impacting that race.
And then there is the AG Commissioner race. This was a race hardly visible until the last few days of the election. And now it is also up in the air.
It’s a Total Mess!
Because these counties failed to do their jobs right all of us in Florida are losers! Why?
Because once the recount is completed we still won’t know who actually won. We’ll know who the recounts said won, but not necessarily the true vote.
And that means we will never have complete confidence in whoever is chosen. It means we will be suspicious of the winner whoever eventually wins. We will doubt the person’s honesty. But more serious than that we will doubt the whole election process.
And if we doubt the election process, how long will we trust our elected officials? It is the kind of situation that leads to unrest and could lead to rebellion. We must guard our nation’s credibility not only with other nations but with ourselves!
What happens after the recount?
Well, if history is any indication the recount could go to a machine recount. Now this may mean that recounting by selected counties could go to the State level and require all counties to do a recount. This could also require more hours and overtime, as well as add additional millions of dollars to the cost. But if that doesn’t settle the matter it could end up going to the U.S. Supreme Court!
What can be done to prevent future mess ups?
How about standardizing the ballots? I realize each county has its own offices and issues to be voted on, but why not have a standardized ballot so that the Broward ballot regarding State offices and Amendments appears exactly in the same place as in Lee County or any other county.
This is a simple change that at least creates a uniform ballot.
Another change would be videotaping of the equipment while being operated. During early voting and Election Day voting have the machines videotaped. Not just at the voting places but they would videotape every step of the election process.
In Michigan, where I grew up, we would go to the voting place and they would have a list of registered voters. They would match our name to the record and then we were allowed to vote. Here in Charlotte County I believe a similar practice was followed, but was it followed in Broward and Palm Beach? I don’t know. That’s a simple practice that should reduce fraudulent votes.
But the use of partisan workers (there is no such thing as non-partisan) makes the process suspicious and susceptible to fraud or other issues. Considering the magnitude of the votes I think making the process as automatic as possible is a great idea. But as long as we have people to contend with there will always be opportunities for corruption.
In Conclusion.
You can never eliminate partisanship entirely. It is part of human nature. But a long drawn-out recount serves no one. I hope that the recounts will be quick, honest, and transparent. If not you can’t blame people for suspecting the worst!
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