My name is R. Frederick Riddle. I am an author of several books, both Christian fiction and Speculative fiction. I wrote my first book in 2003 and have written several since then.

Aside from my writing career I am dedicated to helping other new and struggling authors reach their dreams of becoming published authors. That isn’t new, but through our unique TR Writing Services we do this in an affordable way!

Here at T&R Independent Publishers we (my wife Tess and I) use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) as our publishing platform. Using our own experiences, knowledge, and ability we help people with their books. They write, then ‘we edit, proof, and publish the book’ they’ve written. Simple as that. And it’s affordable!

Tess or Teresa Riddle is not just a new author herself but she is the President and co-founder of T&R Independent Books. She comes with an earned MBA (Masters in Business Administration).

Tess early on desired to have her own business and now that has happened. She brings to the job not only her masters degree but numerous years of working in the corporate scene. She was consistently regarded as an informed and hard working team player. Now as president, she looks to the future.

R. Frederick Riddle (me) is the Vice President and co-founder of T&R Independent Books. I published my first novel in 2003 and have written many books since.

All in all, we are excited about the future of T&R Independent Books and TR Writing Services. Personally, I am also excited about this blog, which is devoted to helping others who either want to write or are writing. It will cover a variety of items that fall under the categories of Writing, Publishing, Marketing, and just plain News.

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