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Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at Allegations.
Now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed I want to take a closer look at the allegations; in particular, Dr. Ford’s allegation. Below I have included a Letter to the Editor written by a person who seems very well informed. It makes interesting reading and can explain how two people can have totally different memories and both be “credible.”
Here it is:
Two good people, how can this be?
“Most of us like to believe we can determine who is trying to mislead us. However, there are occasions where we admit our failure. Both are ethical and honest; how can we understand what happened?
I believe the answer lies in the history of memory recall. Most of us remember the agony of having children claim their parents abused them, a teacher tortured them, and so forth. They were believable because they really thought it happened, they were not lying. This was a false memory.
“Investigators know that a witness to a crime may be misled by a suggestion made during an interview that may cause them to really recall a happening that never actually did. Following the “false memory” issues we learned that during therapy, suggestions made by the therapist, in their building a patient’s history, will ask about childhood trauma.
“The above issues were resolved by investigation into the claims. If people named fail to confirm it, and it appears the event never took place, we call this a false allegation.
During the 1980s families and reputations were destroyed by prosecutors and investigators who believed it had to happen because the claimant was so sure it took place. Are we again failing to learn from the past and destroying reputations? Dr. Ford is a person who recalled an event while in therapy. The three witnesses she offered all said she was mistaken. In a normal world this would be listed as a false allegation by a well-meaning person.” (Emphasis added.)
Amidst all the charges and countercharges, amongst all the anger, and amongst all the self righteous manipulations by the Democrats two people were torn apart. Judge Kavanaugh denied and offered credible proof of his denial; Dr. Ford remembered but had no credible proof. Perhaps it is not that she lied but as pointed out in the above letter, she had a false memory. A memory she really believes happened though it never did!
So who’s to blame for all this?
I think we have to look no further that Senator Feinstein. As it looks right now she never checked out the allegation. She saw an opportunity to stop the nomination, sat on the allegation, and revealed it without Ford’s permission at the last moment. The very least she should have done is turn everything over to the committee as soon as she got it and sought clarification. Or, as facts now show, if not confirmed or verified, keep it confidential and do nothing else with it.
The Left has made a big mistake!
Not only did the senator drop the ball, the Left, whether Democrats or George Soros, showed how far from the mainstream they have really gone. There are good people who favor the politics of the left that have been betrayed. The good people who believe a person is innocent until proven guilty have been betrayed. The institution of government has been betrayed. The confidence of men and women who might want to run for office has been betrayed. And most important, the American people of all persuasions have been betrayed.
And for what? To protect their agenda!
Will the American voters remember come November?
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