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Biden’s 100 Days Pause

02 08 2021

News Item #1

President Biden ‘paused’ deportation for 100 days, but a judge temporarily blocked the President’s decision. What follows is a summary with comments of an interview that Ana Quintana of the Heritage Foundation had with The Daily Signal.

According to Ana some 7000 men, women, and children began their march toward America before President Biden announced his decision to pause deportations for 100 days. This march came upon the heals of Vice President Kamala Harris on Univision and outlining his plan. According to Harris the plan called for suspending deportations for 100 days, granting green cards to illegal immigrants currently in the United States, and eventual citizenship to over 11,000,000 illegal immigrants.

Ana, a senior analyst with Heritage Foundation, went on to explain more.

News Item #2

The 2018 caravans were different than what we are seeing now. Then leftist organizers went among the people and basically told to motivate. One of the lies was that the United Nations would be at the border to assist them. Thousands of people responded, but many fell afoul of cartels who demanded payment to cross their land. These were poor people who could not pay such high fees and the result was that some men were murdered while their wives were raped! And who knows what happened to the children. This was a story that never was reported by our biased media.

News Item #3

But our leftist leaders learned. So, instead of American leftists going down and encouraging the people to make this dangerous trip, it was Honduran and other leftists who spread the word.

In addition, they learned that large groups could move through the lands easier than small groups. It is safer and easier.

News Item #4

The rest of the story:

The Biden plan involves more than a 100 day plan. It involves the granting of green cards to illegal immigrants who’ve been her for 8 years of more. Then it grants U.S. citizenship to illegal immigrants with the green cards who are here longer than an additional 5 years.

All of this insures that the immigration problem will soon be an unbearable burden. I suspect that legal immigration will be downplayed and illegal immigration will be pushed. Why? Because the immigrants will believe that Democrats truly care for them although that is far from the truth. Their only value to the Democrats would be their ability to vote. With both the black and legal Latino voters moving more to the right, it becomes inherent that the Democrats control this group.

You may wonder why I say that. Let’s take a look at tends.

YEAR           Black                      Latino

2016             6%                           29%

2020             8%                           32%

There has been an upward trend in Republican votes beginning in 2012. The numbers are small, but it is significant that there is an upward trend. And many experts think it is because both blacks and Latinos are looking more at the policies and less at the person. Considering the catastrophe about to befall us, that upward trend is anticipated to grow. When you look at job approval versus personal liking of President Trump, you quickly realize that although the media was successful demonizing the man, his policies were seen as beneficial.

If you want to read the whole interview with Ana Quintana, go here.

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