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Blue Wave?

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at the Blue Wave?
First a word of transparency: While I have strong opinions on this subject those opinions are based on the expertise of others. I’m not a prognosticator. That said, here goes.
Will There Be a Blue Wave?
The short answer to this is NO. But let me give you the longer answer.
Historically midterms usually go against the sitting president. The president has only been in office for two years and the people have usually not seen the full benefit of his policies. That would predict a blue wave.
Another factor suggesting a blue wave is the many polls out that are predicting such an event. Most polls are based on the opinions of ‘people living in the United States,’ ‘citizens of the United States,’ and ‘registered voters.’ A fourth group are those people who get up out of their coffins and vote (the Mummy vote?).
But let’s take a look at all this. First of all, Americans have already benefited from President Trump’s policies. Former President Obama can claim credit for the current boom only to the extent that it began the day after the election while we were still living under his presidency. But the fact is that within hours (I believe) of Trump’s victory business leaders were making plans. In fact, I think they may have had contingency plans in case he won and then pulled them out to use when he did. All of a sudden they began talking about hiring more people, expanding, etc.
Because they believed Trump. They may have known him and knew he kept his promises. But, in any case, they started changing course because they believed he would remove the government red tape blocking them (which he did). He not only removed these obstacles upon assuming the presidency, but moved to cut taxes which we all have benefited from.
Then There are the Polls
I already mentioned the polls that are predicting the “Blue Wave.” These are the same polls that predicted Hillary Clinton’s election. That should give all of us reason enough to doubt. The only polls that count are those reflecting Likely Voters, defined as those who are not only registered but have a history of voting. Most polls do not do this.
But the Table is Tilting
While most polls still have the “Blue Wave” coming there is increasing doubt. The whole Kavanaugh travesty by the Democrats is already affecting the polls. Now we are hearing reports that Democratic seats once thought invincible are now vulnerable.
Because the mask worn by the Democrats which depicted them as the “nice” people was taken off. We in America from sea to shining sea watched aghast as the Democrats used every dirty tactic they could to derail the nomination. As for the charges against the nominee they lacked credibility. (See my blog on Allegations.)
The whole episode exposed the dishonesty and cruelty of the Democrats and the leftists in general. The anger expressed by mobs was not the righteous anger they tried to paint themselves with but the anger of people who didn’t care about the facts. They simply didn’t want Trump’s pick to win no matter who it was.
It was Un-American to say the least! It was the worst display of partisan bias I have ever seen! It is true that both parties have engaged in bitter fights before but this one hit an all-time low! And it was clearly the Left’s doing.
And it might be noted that long-time Democratic voters are switching to the Republican  ballot. A one-time phenomenon or long term?
Then There is the Feinstein Effect.
While it is unclear whether Ford was lying or suffering from False Memory (see Allegations) it is clear that Feinstein first released the report without Ford’s permission and secondly she sat on it instead of having it investigated. Her manipulations of the charge were strictly political and lacked responsible behavior.
The American people are not deplorables nor are they ignorant. They watched the display and didn’t like what they saw.
Then There Was and Is Mob Rule
Most Americans do not like mob rule, no matter who is doing it. It is contrary to everything America stands for. But just recently Hillary Clinton once again opened her mouth and said she wouldn’t be “civil” to Trump and/or Trump supporters. Her ability to antagonize American voters goes back a long way (think of when she was First Lady). Her comments only serve to continue to support the inane actions of her supporters and sympathizers.
(And don’t believe the media or others who blame Trump for the animosity. It started before he ever announced he was running for President. Both parties have contributed to our current dysfunction, but the Democrats have a masters degree in it.)
I really doubt this “Blue Wave.” It might happen, but the President’s popularity is now up around 50%, people are seeing him keep his promises, and they are benefiting from his policies. All of that suggests a “Red Wave.” Which when you think about it, if the “Red Wave” actually occurs then the Republicans should first thank God, then President Trump, and finally the Democrats.
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