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Catching Up

The Riddle Report 03 02 2021

My writing career has been taking up much of my time (been working on two novels) and caused me to take a break from my blogging. But now I am back and it is time to catch up.

News Item #1 “False Claims”

You can hardly pick up a newspaper or turn on syndicated news without being told that former President Trump has once again repeated his “false claims” about a stolen election.

But this begs a question. Does the fact that the news media calls something false make it false?

One has to surmise that because the various lawsuits were dismissed by the courts that this proves to the media that the evidence was non-existent. But it wasn’t. Unless you had your head buried in the sand there was plenty of documented evidence, including signed affidavits.

There are a variety of reasons why a case would be dismissed by a court. In these cases, it appears that the courts never actually examined the evidence. Perhaps because the courts didn’t want to get involved or because the lawyers presenting the cases didn’t prepare well, or perhaps other reasons. But the evidence was there and was available; and it was not examined. That does not prove the claim was false but indicates problems within the judiciary.

In fact, from where I sit, it seems like most of the cases were dismissed on technical issues rather than evidentiary.

What a sad day!

News Item #2 “Jan. 6, 2021 Riot”

By now everyone knows about the riot that occurred in Washington in Washington D.C. The question is what do we really know? Facts have come forth indicating that the riot was preplanned by people in the Far Right. That would certainly undermine the charge that President Trump’s speech had anything to do with it.

And most people seem aware of the fact that Trump’s words were taken out of context by the Press. His using the word ‘fight’ is hardly a new word. Politicians use the word a lot, both Democrats and Republicans. And they never mean an insurrection or physical confrontation. Generally, when politicians of either party or anyone with a political agenda use the ‘fight’ word it means to take a stand, be principled, to support your cause, and other peaceful actions.

News Item #3 “Jan. 6, 2021 Five People Died!

I’ve been hearing this lately, but it is patently false. The inference of the statement is that five people were killed during the riot. But only one person was actually killed and that was an unarmed woman who was killed by a cop. Whether it was warranted or not will be determined by the police. The other four people all appear to have died due to stress from the riot.

One cop was reported to have been killed by someone smashing his head in with a fire extinguisher. Again, this turned out to be false. Last I heard they were still investigating, but it is possible that natural causes were involved.

But such stories don’t make the news where a story that lays the blame at the feet of the rioters is newsworthy. They’ll print that on the front page and, if a retraction or correction is needed, print it on the back page in small print.

News Item #4 “2021 Stimulus Package”

Typically, when a new President takes office, he gets a ‘Honeymoon’ (see below) but Biden’s $1.9 trillion Stimulus Package is having a hard time. It passed in the House of Representatives, but not by the margin anticipated. In the Senate it has a harder time.

Senate rules is one of the problems. In an effort to bypass the Republicans (perhaps copying President Obama’s health care strategy) the Democrats tried to package the $15 an hour minimum wage with the stimulus bill. But the Senate Parliamentarian ruled that the minimum could not be part of the package. This seems to doom the rush to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Another problem is that not all Democrats support the stimulus package as it came from the House. Without getting into names or personalities this is a major roadblock for the Democrats. They will get most of what they want, but not everything.

News Item #5 “Honeymoon”

As mentioned above most new Presidents get what is called a honeymoon. But President Biden is experiencing some bumps along the road. Aside from the stimulus package he is also having some difficulties getting the people he wants to form his cabinet is proving slower and bumpier than expected. He may end up getting most of what he wants, but he won’t get all that he wants in the time he wanted.

Aside from the problem with Senate Rules, not all Democrats are happy with the Stimulus Package. This may only be one man or several senators, but that is enough to derail the package as it now stands.

What does that mean?

Most likely, the $15 an hour minimum wage is dead as far as the package is concerned. It also means that Biden is already struggling to get his nominees and may not get them all. I doubt that the stimulus bill will be stopped. There is a groundswell supporting helping those in need. I predict that it will pass and be reconciled with the House of Representatives, but it will still contain a great deal of pork.

Stay tuned.

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