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The 1st 100 Days

The Riddle Report 01 16 2021

News Item #1

Although the evidence of voter fraud was overwhelming and extensive it didn’t matter. The media called it unsubstantiated evidence, but in reality, it was ignored evidence and never got presented in a legal setting.

So, unless things change, it looks like Joe Biden will be President of the United States. As such, both he and our nation need prayer – which is always true no matter who is President. In his case there is the case of suspected dementia plus the ever-present Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States.

Therefore, I have consulted my crystal ball and arrived at certain conclusions regarding President Biden’s first, and possibly last, 100 days. As a reminder Trump is the only president in recent memory to actually implement or try to implement his campaign promises.

Here is my list:

  1. $1,400 Stimulus package (when combined with previous $600 amounts to $2,000)
  2. Downsizing of Air Force, Army, Navy, and Space Force
  3. An Apology tour reminiscent of President Obama’s apology tour shortly after taking office
  4. Establishing new restrictive environmental laws
  5. Stopping or tearing down the WALL
  6. Shutting down the economy and beginning his pride and joy 2009 Economic Recovery that both he and others have applauded (though it resulted in a lackluster recovery based primarily on low-income jobs)
  7. New Green Deal

Traditionally, Congress gives a new President most of what he wants in the first 100 days or Honeymoon. So, I expect him to press forward. I did not mention the impeachment of who will be former President Donald Trump because the impetus for that is coming from Congress.

His attempt to increase employment will probably raise us up to the dizzying heights of a stagnant economy, such as he accomplished under Obama.

It probably depends upon how aggressive he is as to whether factory jobs depart during this Honeymoon or afterward. But if he presses forward on his massive recovery act, as I think he will, then businesses will have to rethink whether they stay in America or leave.

News Item #2

Another item that it increasingly looks like we will be seeing is the impeachment of former President Trump. Such an action appears to fly in the face of the Constitution, but Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is not deterred by such technicalities.

Aside from the cost of such a trial, no matter the length, this would be disastrous for the nation and, eventually, the Democrats. The latest figures are that some 74% of the voters are against it. Right now, the Democrats feel that they can do no wrong, and may step into this mudpie.

News Item #3

Big Tech and Big Social Media have begun what some are calling ‘censorship’ and ‘rein of terror’ by becoming the arbiters of what is free speech and what is not. In launching their attack upon supporters of President Trump they have assumed that they have both the might and the right to censor speech. However, the American people have reacted to this and these Social Media types have lost billions of dollars in the stock market.

Only time will tell how this will turn out.

Tighten your belt folks. We may have a bumpy ride ahead.

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Military Heritage Museum Moving

Today’s Issue: The Military Heritage Museum is moving
Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at the Punta Gorda, Florida Military Heritage Museum, which is moving to a new location.
When Teresa and I first moved to Port Charlotte one of the first places we visited was the museum. A former sailor and a lover of history I was immediately engaged. We have been to the museum several times since then. Perhaps because of limited space they rotate the artifacts so it’s never quite the same, which makes each visit unique and entertaining.
The museum will soon be moving from its current location in Fisherman’s Village to the old IMPAC University building just down the road from the village. The university closed its doors several years ago and the building has been empty. In 2017 Fisherman’s Village bought the property which is only a few hundred feet away. Part of the property will be used for villas, etc., but now the museum will be moved into the building.
This is for me exciting news as the current site of the museum is too small. I do hope the future look of the museum will retain the idea of rotating the artifacts. My reasoning is simple; part of the attraction is that every time you go back it is different. If they can manage that I think it will be a fabulous move!
I have read of parking concerns, but from my research it looks like the museum and the village have thought this out. Assuming good parking I don’t see any reason this could not succeed in a big way.
What’s the attraction?
I can only speak for myself, but I’m attracted because I love history. And since I was in the Navy as a young man, I love anything that has to do with military history. Plus, as a writer, it is and could be even more so a rich resource of information.
And then there is the cost.
It’s free! Need anything more be said?
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