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The debate concerning the Freedom to Write is all around us, but rarely do we as authors hear anything about books or magazines, but censorship hurts everyone, including authors!

Throughout history the Far Left and the Far Right have striven to suppress the right to hear or read opposing views. Basically, these two opposing viewpoints agree on one thing: the written and spoken word is powerful, dangerous, and must be controlled.

Furthermore, both sides have attempted to control the printed word. All of us know how the Catholic Church opposed the Bible being printed and put in the hands of common people. They didn’t just oppose it, they used every means possible to stamp it out. This included the hunting down of the printers, destroying the presses, arresting and burning at the stake those brave enough to oppose them. But they are not the only ones. We have seen dictatorships use it and we’ve seen it used right here in the United States.

This opposition to the printing of information contrary to the ruling powers desire, is neither Left nor Right. Both sides use it and when they do, the rest of us are harmed.

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Now back to the article.

Today, we have a news media, both print and digital, in the hands of the Left with strong efforts taking place in the Social Media area. Their goal is to squelch the voice of the Right. It doesn’t matter how well written, or how well established their argument is, if they are on the Right, they must be stopped. What government could not do, the high-tech giants seem unstoppable.

Are books next?

I don’t mean just non-fiction. I mean all books. We’ve had book burnings in the past by both sides, but the type of suppression we now have has the courts stymied. Why?

I’ve heard it is because they fear what Congress will do if they act. And that is a strong argument. But it is also possible that judges are simply petrified because high-tech is hiding behind the Constitution, especially the 1st Amendment.

This is a threat to all who value freedom. And it is a real threat to those who write.

We’ve all read or at least heard of books about to be published that were suddenly pulled back. Someone was against the book and used money, prestige, and maybe a little blackmail, thus forcing the publisher to back off publishing the book. When that someone has political power, financial power, or both, we the people suffer.


Because it keeps us from having the right to hear or read opposing views.

Everybody should be able to read or hear news or opinions that differ from the ones in power. In the current mixture of the Cancel culture and the Left, we are faced with increasing pressure to bar opposing views whether audio, video, or written. And this includes news, opinions, and even tell-all books.

I think there have been attempts to censure novels.

None of this is new. It has been going on for a very long time, but now is getting worse. And we’ve seen it from both the Left and the Right, although it does seem that the Left has it mastered.

The Freedom of the Press is a slogan that the Left uses to protect their drivel, but if a person on the right criticizes them, they do all they can to shut that person up. The Freedom of the Press doesn’t just mean newspapers and TV News. It easily extends to books and blogs.

I might remind you that it was the pamphlets (revolutionary blogs?) that stirred up the people to resist tyranny and rebel against England. These pamphleteers were the bloggers of the day.

And I must add that it was novelists who revealed the exotic world of royal shenanigans. They not only entertained, but they revealed the inner evils of the world. Censorship is never a good thing. Some have tried it with the purpose of protecting us from evil, but it only makes the censored item more desirable.

The latest example of censorship is the coverup concerning the voting rights bill being voted on in congress. There are some serious issues with this bill, but if you listen to the Left, they aren’t worthy of our concern. If the average American wants the truth, they have to plug their collective ears to the drumbeat of the Left and focus on discovering the truth.

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