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Temptation of Eve

Although I’ve titled this the temptation of Eve, at the time of her temptation she hadn’t been named Eve yet.

I love the Bible. It is filled with the story of the gospel, heroic men and women, and enough adventure to satisfy any appetite. I have read and studied the Bible for 48 years and I think I know a thing or two about it.

There are some passages in the Bible that I have heard pastors try to wiggle around. Sometimes to avoid offending anyone. One such passage is Genesis 3, verses 1 – 6, which covers the temptation of Eve.

Usually when people read verse 6, they insist that Adam was there at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil with Woman. I will get to that in a moment, but we will first deal with verses 1 and 2.

Please understand this, I am not anti-women. And I don’t blame women for our sin condition; that wholly rests on Adam as I will explain.

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Now back to the article.

In Genesis 3:1-2 Serpent, who was a created creature but became possessed by Lucifer, challenged Eve by asking, “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”

Let’s give Eve her due. I think Eve loved God and immediately sought to defend His honor. She quickly realized that for some reason Serpent was attacking the goodness of God.

So, she responded with, “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.”

Her statement was incorrect. God never said, “neither shall ye touch it.” If you doubt that check out Genesis 2:17 which happened before Eve’s creation, and Genesis 3:11 which occurred after Adam sinned.

Now I have heard pastors explain this as Eve must have been told by Adam that God said, “neither shall ye touch it.” But there is no scripture in the Bible that says such a thing. More importantly, God doesn’t rebuke Adam for such a misquote.

Eve said what popped into her mind probably to emphasize God’s command. It certainly wasn’t intentional. That being the case, why make an issue of it and shift the blame to Adam?

‘But that is a minor issue compared to Genesis 3:6: And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto here husband with her; and he did eat.’

Notice the part I highlighted. The common interpretation is that Adam was with her when she ate the fruit. If that argument is correct, then I contend that Adam was a terrible husband and was at least partly responsible for Eve eating the fruit.

You see, according to the Bible, Adam was not deceived (1 Timothy 2:14). So, here is my problem with that interpretation of Genesis 3:6.

That would mean that Adam was with her from verse 1 when Serpent cast doubt about God but didn’t offer any response. Instead, it was Eve who responded.

But when she misquoted God, Adam didn’t correct her. Now if he had told her God had said that then no correction would have been forthcoming. But it gets more interesting.

In verses 4 and 5 Serpent (actually Lucifer speaking through him) attacked God’s honesty and virtue. Yet, if Adam was there, he remained silent!

And then in verse 6, he didn’t warn Eve. Remember, he wasn’t deceived. So, he should have warned her and told Serpent to take a hike! But he didn’t!

If Adam was with her at the tree, then he was a terrible husband. One man, no matter his faith, would allow the woman they loved to stand alone against these lies and temptations. His silence would have been all the justification Eve needed.

But when God asked Eve for her reasoning in verse 13, she did not point a finger at Adam, only at Serpent. Despite the fact that Adam had just pointed a finger at her.

In the Old Testament there are many occasions when a single verse refers to multiple events or time periods. I believe that verse 6 can be broken into at least two parts. Part one relating to Eve’s sin, and part two meaning that Adam was with her in the garden not with her at the tree. When you look at the chapter in context then that understanding makes perfect sense.

Why do I make such an issue of it here? Because pastors make an issue of it in their sermons. As if to exonerate the woman. But I have heard it taught that if Adam had not eaten of the fruit, woman (Eve) would have died, and God would have replaced her. I don’t know if that is correct but given God’s command and the circumstances that took place, it sounds reasonable.

In addition, our sin nature stems from Adam not from Adam and Eve. She shared in the action and the consequences of that action. But it is, “…by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.” (Romans 5:12)

Eve doesn’t need to be exonerated. Adam was not deceived but chose to sin, perhaps because he loved Eve. But, if so, he put Eve above God in his heart. There is no excuse, and Adam’s only attempt at one was to point a finger at Eve, and ultimately at God.

When he ate of the fruit, the consequences of that sin fell upon both him and Eve, and all mankind. The great truth here is that God in His mercy provided a Redeemer Who took our place on the cross and provided forgiveness of sin and eternal life.

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Election Thoughts

11 13 2020

Welcome to Riddle News.

This is Friday the 13th and I’m trying to think what to write about. It would be nice to write about something other than the election. But it is something you just can’t get away from. You have the election itself, the unsupported claim that Biden is the President-Elect, the counting and recounting of votes, the irregularities of the election, and evidence of voter fraud.

It looks dark, but the blessing is that God is still in control. I have lived a long time (over 77 years) and I’ve seen evil people seemingly get away with a lot, but this time stealing an election seems to be the worst.

I am not a person to engage in such shenanigans and it is depressing to see it go on. What am I referring to? I am referring to rabid voter fraud. Not only in other states but in the state of Michigan where I grew up and once called home. While it is shocking to see such an in-your-face attempt to defraud the American people through the use of strong arm tactics, illegal ballots, and other irregularities, it is also heartening to see that there are a great many people who want the truth to be exposed.

Sometimes it is overwhelming when you consider the onslaught of not just fake news, but of lies. The media keeps feeding us the same lies over and over.

For example, take the declaration that Joe Biden was elected President. They repeat this over and over, ad nauseum. But at this time, it is an outright lie. It is nice when the media project winners and losers, but when did their reporting become official. It didn’t!

Joe Biden may yet win the election, but as of right now it is not the case. In fact, from what I have seen it is a distinct possibility that Trump will prevail.

But the saddest part of all of this is not the audacity of the Left to try to steal the election, it is the failure of our institutions to protect us.

The Press.

Did you ever wonder why the Press is protected in the Bill of Rights? It was because the Press was expected to watch the government and keep us informed. The United States is now 244 years old and for most of that time the Press lived up to that expectation. In 1895-1898 the Press succumbed to Yellow Journalism which forever left a stain upon the 4th Estate. But that was only for about 3 to 4 years. Now we have Agenda Journalism.

Agenda Journalism.

It is journalism that is not concerned so much with factual reporting as they are with reporting news that aligns with their agenda. This agenda can be Liberal or Conservative, but in recent decades it has been primarily Liberal. Truth is trampled if it doesn’t promote their ‘truth’.

This has been the case for at least two decades. Our newspapers have let us down. So has television and radio. This election is not the only example of it nor the first. But it is certainly the most blatant!

Educational Institutions

Perhaps the greatest letdown has come from our educational institutions. I am not just talking about colleges, but about Elementary Schools and High Schools also. They have failed the children be giving them subpar educations. They have failed to teach absolutes such as God, the 10 Commandments, patriotism, responsibility, honor, and honesty.

Our country should be one of the best rated countries in education, but we aren’t. Instead of learning and developing the students, they are being taught to doubt and hate, to attack their history and to ignore it, to despise our government, and hate the police.

This didn’t just happen overnight or within the last 4 years. This has been coming for a long time. I suggest you look back to when God was kicked out of the classroom. Our morals went south almost immediately! That was June 25, 1962 and look at the whirlwind we inherited!

The Church

I said our educational institutions let us down the worst. But the worst in my opinion has been the church. I am a Christian and I attend church regularly, but I have to confess that the church has failed America. Back in the 1950s and 1960s the church didn’t really fight for Biblical perspectives in our government. Some pastors and their churches did fight, but the majority chose to ignore what was going on or to bury their heads in the sand. There are always those who will stand up for God, the shame comes when the majority of Christian churches and institutions stand by, watch the country burn, and do nothing.

Sadder yet has been the move toward liberal thought within the church. Liberalism, as we know it today, has no place within the church. It is the clear teaching of the Bible that life is sacred, and abortion is wrong. It is the clear teaching of the Bible that homosexual behavior is contrary to God’s law. Over and over liberal ideas are condemned in the Bible.

But what has been the church’s response to the rising abortion rates or the homosexual movement? All too many have turned from the Bible, many pastors preach from the newspaper and other documents and rarely use the Bible. The Bible is no longer viewed as the absolute Word of God! And a great many ‘Christians’ don’t even read the Bible!

God still has His remnant, but unless we experience a revival our country will collapse. Satan is attacking our nation through politics, education, and religion. It is time to take a stand.

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Riddle News: Islam is Dying

11 02 2020

Welcome to Riddle News which is published every Monday and Friday. This is a Special review of the Trump response to Covid-19.

The following are facts recited by Muslims, not Christians.

[Historical fact as noted by author: Muhammadanism and Islam refer to the same religion, although Muslims are offended by the former term. It is an historical fact that no free society has ever willingly embraced the religion of Islam. Their religious history is one that is synonymous with the sword. The religion was started with the sword, spread throughout Africa and portions of Europe with the sword, and is to this day sustained by the sword. But is it the fastest growing religion as reported in the press?]

The following findings were revealed by Saudi Arabian Sheik Ahmad Al Qatani in a 2006 debate that:

  • Since 1900 Muslims have declined to a record low of 316 million
  • There are only 150 million African Muslims living outside the Arab countries
  • Of the 30 African countries using Arabic script there have been a disturbing number of conversions
  • 10,000 converts per year in Algeria
  • 45,000 converts per year in Morocco
  • 250,000 Muslims in Cambodia (1975)
  • 24,321 mosques in Russia in Russia (1927) with only 20 still existing
  • Tens of thousands (2001-2004) in Kyrgyzstan converted to Christ
  • 4 million Muslims in Burma (Today 300,000)
  • Currently 50,000 converted and baptized believers in Saudi Arabia
  • Pakistan had 80,000 Christians in 1947 and six million in 2000
  • Bangladesh has seen 10 million converted to Christianity
  • Iran had 500 Christians in 1947 and over 4 million by 2006

Now for my observations:

That means that 110 million Muslims (10% of the world’s Muslim population) have converted to Christianity in the last 18 years! This explains why the persecution of Christians has been on the uptick.

Yet we are taught by the Media and others that Islam is the fastest growing religion. But this growth of Christianity actually explains the increasing persecution of Christianity. Historically governments persecute groups they deem as threats. A declining Christian faith would not be a threat, but a growing Christian faith would be considered a major threat.

Check out the history of the Jewish people. Why are they hated so much? Because of their strong faith in Jehovah God and their growth in numbers. Christianity has been preached worldwide with the message that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven (based on Christ’s own words: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (Jn. 14:6).

Of all the religions of the world only Christianity puts man where he belongs. According to the Bible we were and are created by God, we are born with a sin-nature passed down from Adam, Jesus Christ died for our sins and opens the way for our salvation by His grace, and He takes a personal interest in our lives. False pastors and religious leaders teach otherwise and try to keep ordinary people from reading the Bible.

But Christianity is more than a mere religion. Religion is primarily a set of beliefs established by man for man, while Christianity is a relationship between man and God through God the Son Jesus Christ. When we receive Christ as our Savior, He makes us heirs and joint heirs with Christ. We are made sons of God (believers) rather than creations of God (all humans).

Tomorrow an election is held that will influence the direction this country will follow politically for a long time, but of more import is our need for a revival among Christians both personally (I certainly need it) and corporately (the church needs it). I am 77 years old and have read of revivals taking place on a community, state or even regionally basis, but never have I ever seen a national revival.

But that is what we need!

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R Frederick Riddle is the Editor of TR Writing Services providing help to struggling and/or new authors to write and publish their books. He is also an author of Historical, Speculative, and Mystery fiction, plus co-founder and Vice President of T&R Independent Books. To reply to any blog you can comment on a blog and/or send an email to His Facebook page is at RFrederickRiddlesWorld.