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A New Series Coming Soon

As the title says there is a new series coming soon! And here I discuss what is happening. My book Word of Joseph has been published and now I am into the marketing phase. But even as I begin that phase of business, my attention has turned to two new projects.

Don’t you ever take a break?

Of course, I do. But I love to write, and I will probably write until the day comes that I have gone to heaven. And maybe God will give me a writing assignment.

So, what are these projects?

Before answering that, let me delve deeper into the first question. I believe that we should take breaks. But that doesn’t mean stop all activity. There is always work to do as an author. I have already mentioned marketing. That requires the investment of time and effort. So, that is high on my to-do list.

Then there are the two projects. The first project is doing research on two new and different books. That involves searching for information on the internet, through other people, and through my own studies. Truthfully, that is a project that never really ends. You go from one subject to another. And, yes, it is necessary to take breaks along the way.

The second project involves two separate books; one is fictional, and one is nonfiction. The novel is the start of a new historical fiction book. Once again I will be taking a person right out of the Bible. This one is Moses.

The series is tentatively called Moses, the Friend of God. His story is told in the Book of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. And it is conveniently divided into three forty-year periods, so I plan on having a three-book series with that same division of years. I might change my mind and expand it, but right now I like the division.

The book will be based on the latest information I have been able to find yet have a fictional story surrounding the events. This is a series I have been looking forward to for a while now. Interestingly, the research I did for World of Joseph provides a backdrop for the first book.

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Now back to the article.

As exciting as the series on Moses is, there is something more exciting. While I have written nonfiction before, I have never done anything quite like this.

I will be launching a series called, The Truth About. There is no limit as to how many books will be in this series. I plan on writing on quite a few subjects ranging from spiritual to historic to whatever. Since it is nonfiction, each book will be footnoted, providing the reader information to enable them to go deeper is they so desire.

But this new series is not just a change in content. It will also have a different format. All my novels are now 6×9 and I plan on continuing that format for them. But the nonfiction The Truth About will be 5×8, which is just right for fitting into a lady’s purse. Sorry, guys. I don’t imagine it will fit in your back pocket.

But just because the book is small, that doesn’t mean that the content is lacking. What it means is that I have focused on getting the facts out in a way that is clear, factual, and documented with appropriate footnotes.

So, what is the first book?

The first book of the series will be The Truth About Christmas. Christmas is coming fast and will soon be upon us. Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people. We have tradition, myths, and good old-fashioned commercialism.

The question is what is the truth about Christmas? Is it Santa Claus or the birth of Jesus? Most people know it is about the birth of Jesus and that Santa Claus is a fictional character. But knowledge about Christmas spirals downhill after that.

We are all familiar with the Nativity Scene which depicts the baby Jesus in a manger, Joseph and Mary, Shepherds, and the Magi. But how much of that is true?

There are other questions, such as when was He born, why was He born in Bethlehem, which Bethlehem, and why did He come?

The book will clarify what is true and what isn’t. Another facet of this series will be the ‘Questions to Ponder’ at the end of each chapter. And at the end of the book there will be ‘Recapping Questions to Ponder’.

It has been an interesting, informative, and exciting time writing on this subject. My plan is to publish an eBook and a Print book early in October. It will be a book that you can read for yourself, or purchase as a Christmas gift for someone you know.

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