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Although my book Trump an Outsider’s View is already available for purchase or Pre-Order (today is last day), I continue to follow the stats. If you read the paper, you might get the picture that things are still bad and getting worse.
Not So!

Ron’s Lit Tip Templates

What is a template and why should I use one?
That is really two questions, so let’s answer the first one first: What is a template?”

News President Trump

These are just a few of the subjects looked. A big one that the Democrats are staking a lot of hope in is the Administration’s handling of the Covid-19 crises. I have included a timeline dating all the way back to November, 2019 that shows when and where the virus started, the U.S. government’s first response and its responses thereafter.

I think readers are going to be surprised.

Ron’s Lit Tip 09 10 20

What is Proofing?
Google says, “a pre-publication version of your work. The purpose of a proof is so that you can check through everything before your work goes live.”
In other words…

News 09 07 20

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Ron’s Lit Tip 09 03 20

Inner Thoughts are the same as thinking. We humans are always thinking and whether or not your characters thinking shows up in a book their actions are the result of and reveal to some extent their thoughts. Sometimes letting the actions depict a character’s thoughts is the best route, but there are times when the reader needs to ‘hear’ those thoughts.

Friday News & Comments 08 28 20

as expected, the network panelists on both stations were too busy telling us what they thought the issues are and how we should understand them. Reminds me of another TV reporter who not too long ago said it was their job to tell us what to think. No It Is Not!

Ron’s Lit Tip I am Motivated, What Next?

Start doing something. Notice I didn’t say what to start doing. The reason is simple. Different people have different ways of starting.

Ron’s Lit Tip Motivation

Getting motivated is a lot harder than merely quoting a dictionary. It requires a little self-introspection. For example, I am motivated to write this blog because I want to help other people

Ron’s Lit Tip Rewrite

Maybe it’s me but I enjoy rereading books I’ve written. Not because I’m vain, but because I enjoy the same genre’s that I write in. I read other authors works as well, but on occasion I read what I’ve written. I love to read.