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Church and Politics

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Wednesday’s I try to focus on the Church. This week I am taking a look at Church and Politics.
Is the Church Prohibited from Participating in Government?
To answer that question you must look at both the Bible and the Constitution. First the Bible:
There are no Bible verses that prohibit Christians from participating in government. On the other hand we know that God has used His people in government.
The first one that comes to mind is Joseph who God prepared for high office. Aside from his two dreams, Joseph also experienced treachery, slavery, and imprisonment. But when you take a closer look you see that he was put in positions of responsibility that not only were instructive but nurturing him toward eventual high political position, namely the second highest person in Egypt. Today he’d be called a Prime Minister.
The second one that comes to mind is Daniel. He was taken as a teenage boy to serve King Nebuchadnezzar. Although essentially a slave he rose to be the most prominent advisor in the kingdom. He was so good that the Persian Empire made him the equivalent of a governor and, at that, the highest among the governors.
The third example is Nehemiah. A servant (slave) in the Persian court his job was to taste the food given to the king. Although not usually considered an influential job it was important as he was a defense against assassination. But God raised him up and caused him to have a good reputation with the king. The king not only allowed him to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall and the city, but he gave Nehemiah his authority! Nehemiah went back, became the governor, and built the wall.
In the New Testament I don’t recall any governors, but we do know that men high in the military called centurions became Christians. Christ never condemned people for being rulers, although he did condemn those who were corrupt.
In addition we as Christians are to be light and salt, which by definition requires being used.
So Biblically Speaking Christians are not prohibited.
So What About the Constitution?
We now know that the Constitution was the product of mostly Christian men praying and deliberating to hash out the Constitution. When you research it you learn that the Bible was instrumental in both the Constitution and the Amendments. If you would like an in-depth book on the subject read America: A Journey of Faith and Freedom by Caleb Garraway.
What About Separation of Church and State?
Glad you asked. Revisionists have removed from our history books the truth about that phrase and revised our history to match their agenda. But here are a few facts:

  • It is not in the Constitution
  • It was a letter from President Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists
  • It was in response to their fear that Government might someday impose religion upon them (as did England)
  • He wrote reassuring them that there was a wall protecting them from the government
  • It was never about keeping religion, specifically Christianity, out of government
  • As citizens we are to participate, which includes voting and serving (if God leads)

In fact our country was great because of Christian involvement and to be great again it will need Christian involvement.
My Opinion
I labeled this my opinion because I don’t have hard facts at hand to prove my contention, just the memory of a man who’s lived a long time. I grew up in the 50s. Since I was a child I don’t remember any sermons. However, the mindset was that because politics is dirty Christians shouldn’t be in it! Serving in government was considered almost sinful.
In addition, pastors felt they shouldn’t even preach about the evils that existed in government. I don’t recall any well-known pastor standing up against the Congress and the Supreme Court when the attacks upon Christian influence in our schools began. Christians buried their heads in the sand!
But decisions made in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, have had a detrimental effect upon our society. Today we have more violence all around us than prior to the 50s. Children grow up to be disrespectful, rebellious, and extremely violent. What’s the reaction? They say we need more gun control. But the real need is to have God in our children’s lives. And with that godly discipline. Returning to our Biblical heritage will solve most of our problems.
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