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Corruption of the Left

The Riddle Report 11 20 2020

The corruption of the Left appears to be far greater that I or anyone else ever anticipated. I knew they would lie and cheat. That is there history. But what stunned me is the sheer magnitude of what they have done! Mounting evidence demonstrates that the 2020 election was in the process of being stolen before the first votes were ever cast.

2016 Election.

There is plenty of evidence that the Left tried to steal the 2016 election before and after the actual election. At this time, they inserted the Dominion software by convincing people it would be a good and secure tool for election. But the real reason for buying the software was the expectation they could control of the votes for their candidate Hilary Clinton.

Unfortunately for them, the software didn’t function as well as advertised and Donald Trump won. But their own bitterness and pride would not permit them to admit any mistake on their part. For the next three and a half years they used every trick in the book to unseat President Trump culminating on December 18, 2019 in a House of Representative approval of Articles of Impeachment which then led to a Senate trial on January 16, 2020. On February 5, 2020 the President was acquitted.

This is where we wondered if they finally had learned their lesson. No, they didn’t, but they did learn that the software had been fixed and the upcoming election would be different. So they set about to steal the election from the American people.

2020 Election.

I used to believe and even wrote that the Democrats were making a mistake in pursuing their efforts to unseat the President. But I was wrong. They knew something that I didn’t, namely, that the election was rigged long before Biden received the nomination!

Now weeks after the election was held, we are beginning to see the tip of the iceberg. Across multiple states the fix was in. I believe, however, that somehow President Trump learned of the rigging and set about preparing for the battle ahead.

At the same time, the Democrats were aware that the Republicans suspected but didn’t really know about the rigging. If you were listening, they started accusing the President of not accepting the results if Biden won. There was no evidence to support such an accusation, but hindsight shows that they may have known about the fix and wanted to thwart any challenges he might make. Thus, we heard repeatedly the charge that he wouldn’t accept defeat. They were operating on the idea that if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it to be true.

The Plan.

This Plan is so convoluted and mind boggling that it is hard to understand. Consider:

  • Thousands of deceased men and women voted in the election. While not proven yet, there appears to be a great deal of evidence showing that is what happened.
  • Ballot switching where ballots fro Trump were switched to ballots for Biden.
  • Evidence of Democratic Governors and Secretary of States spearheading voter suppression.
  • News media has consistently downplayed, ignored, or denied the evidence. In some instances, they have implied Republicans are desperately making stuff up. Such lack of journalistic integrity will be a stain on the media for a long time.
  • Cases of certified election observers being denied the ability to observe  the recounts in violation of the law.

The Dominion Fiasco.

As mentioned above Dominion software has been involved in the 2020 election. They deny any wrongdoing, but a former Prosecuting Attorney has pointed out that they have a great deal of evidence demonstrating Dominion’s duplicity. This is coming from an attorney with a great reputation.

Although I expect President Trump has been re-elected, it is a sad day when any person or group of persons think they can steal an election. We shouldn’t be surprised since the idea that the ‘end justifies the means’ is a favorite maxim for the Left.

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