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CreateSpace Revisited

I’ve been writing about the different methods of publishing. I have referred at times to CreateSpace, an Amazon company, which I have been very pleased with.
That said I feel it important to revisit the topic because CreateSpace is undergoing changes. Some services they once offered are being dropped.
Now, in all honesty, these changes so far don’t affect me. For instance, they have dropped the service where you could get professional help with your manuscript for a special price. I never used this or other similar services they offered. But it may affect you.
So what should I do?
Just because CreateSpace no longer provides a certain service doesn’t mean you can’t use CreateSpace. To get professional help in any area of writing you can find it on the Internet for a price. So it will cost more, but that’s true no matter what platform you are using. Professional help is rarely free!
So Google (search) for the kind of service you want. Just make sure that the service is familiar with and compatible with CreateSpace. If you do that, then you should be fine. Just keep a sharp eye on the service provider.
What about KDP?
KDP or Kindle Direct Printing is also an Amazon company. You can first have your book done as an eBook and then converted to a printed book. At the moment, in my opinion, they don’t quite match up with CreateSpace, but that could change at any time.
Check them out. Find out which platform works the best for you. And don’t forget that you can always change your mind. For example, all my books currently being written are designed with CreateSpace in mind. But I could change my mind and change to KDP. Some changes would need to be made, but nothing I couldn’t handle.
When I have CreateSpace do my book I then have them export it to KDP.
But I then import to KDP an edited version of the manuscript reformatted for Kindle. The reason is that eBooks don’t need headings and/or footings nor page numbers. These need to be removed. Otherwise the eBook may not be displayed in its best appearance.
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