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Do You Want to Write?

There is an old saying, Everyone has a story in them. I don’t know what facts that is based on, but I agree with it. Each of us has unique experiences and beliefs providing enough material for a book.

But not everyone can write. Even those who can write need to be taught. Growing up, English was one of my favorite subjects, but I still knew virtually nothing about authoring. I had to learn the hard way.

You might ask why I didn’t take a course on writing? I did. But when the money ran out the course ended. So I enrolled in the school of hard knocks. That is a hard way to learn the basics of writing. I didn’t even know why I wanted to write!

There are courses out there, probably good courses, but they cost money. But what if the average person couldn’t afford the course? They get left out in the dark.

That is why T&R Independent Books undertook the putting together of a book that would provide basic knowledge for those wanting to write. And since the modern author must also have knowledge of publishing and marketing, the book covers those topics as well. We produced for you this self-teaching book called, So You Want to Write?

But we decided that as good as the book is, we needed to provide more. So we have created three guides (Authors Writing Guide, Authors Publishing Guide, and Authors Marketing Guide). Each guide is about two or three pages long and serves as an instant reference for the writer.

In addition to all that, we have started a newsletter appropriately called Writers World. This newsletter is published bi-weekly and deals exclusively with writing, publishing, and marketing. We provide articles with tips and how-tos plus book excerpts to demonstrate.

All this is provided free of charge. And it is available now. See our video for more information.

If you want to write take advantage of this Free offer: One book on the basics, three guides, and a subscription to Writers World newsletter. You can’t miss.

The book comes only as an Ebook and is easily downloaded to your computer. But don’t look at bookstores for it. It is only available from T&R Independent Bookstore. It is our gift to you.

All you need to do is give us your name and email address and we rush it to you.

Thousands of books are published every month. This will give you a fighting chance! Download it now!

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