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Evangelistic Outreach

In my last blog, My Ultimate Service, I talked about TR Ministry. Today I want to talk about Evangelistic Outreach.

Why is soul winning or evangelism so important?

Perhaps you don’t consider evangelism important, but Jesus did. He came not only to die for our sins, to take our place, but to give us an example. God’s people are like sheep in need of a shepherd. That is why He gave us pastors and evangelists.

But the Bible teaches we are to have a burden for souls. That is why He sent prophets (Mt. 23:37); why He gave us preachers and evangelists (II Timothy 3:16); and why He sends us (Mt. 28:19-20). We are part of His plan for mankind.

This Sunday I will be teaching a Sunday School lesson about Joseph, the son of Jacob. It is the final lesson on Joseph’s life. I’ll be wrapping it up and applying the truths. The overriding truth is simply this: God has a plan for our lives. He had a plan for Joseph and it didn’t matter what the devil threw at Joseph, God made it work together for good as seen in Genesis 50:20: “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.”

When you read of how God worked in the lives of others, it makes you want to allow God to work in your life as well. Study their lives and you will find that this “good” was for others, not always the individual. Ultimately Joseph felt blessed, but the real blessing was upon his family and the nation of Israel. And it lasted well beyond his life.

Every time Christians give a dollar (or even a penny) God acknowledges it. Moreover, he takes that money and multiplies it, using it for His own purposes. And amazingly He allows us to keep 90% of our profits while He takes only 10%. But every penny, dime, and dollar we give back He multiplies. Not always in the same currency, sometimes He rewards us differently, but He always gives back.

There are many ways for a Christian to support God’s evangelistic program. First there is being available; God delights in our personal service. Second, there is prayer; God listens to our prayers especially when they are Holy Spirit driven. Third, there is financial support; God loves a cheerful giver.

Dr. D. James Kennedy built his Coral Ridge Presbyterian church on personal soul winning. And many other men of God have done the same. It is having the power of the Holy Spirit behind it. God can take our efforts, however mighty or puny, and magnify them into something grand.

Does that mean he’ll magnify TR Ministry? I would like to think yes, but only God knows how He will use this ministry. But one thing I do know, God will use it to His glory!

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