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Facing Sickness

At some point in time all of us face sickness and even death. How we respond to it often reveals who we are and what kind of Christian we are. Handling such serious events is not easy for anyone, including Christians.


Not so long ago (2014) I had a heart attack and my wife had to handle that trauma plus the possibility of losing me. I must say that her faith sustained and carried her forward. But now the shoe is on the other foot. You see, my wife has cancer. That means I need to face the issue and respond.

It would be real easy to blame God. Why did He allow this? But the problem with that is God does not cause sickness. Yes, He knows all about it and allows it in His wisdom, but He is not to blame for it. If I want to blame somebody it would be Adam. He’s the one who knowingly sinned and brought on this corrupt world.

But the blame game is not really a proper response. As a Christian I need to turn to God and make sure my life is where it should be. As for God, He has the ability to heal or not to heal, but whatever happens He will make it work out for good (Romans 8:28).

Over the years I have found God to be trustworthy and longsuffering. He has to be longsuffering because I fail His standards way too much. But trustworthy, faithful, and caring are all words that apply to God. He has a plan for everyone’s life; He has a plan for me. And He is faithful and trustworthy in regards to that plan. So what is expected of me?

He expects and desires that I place my whole trust in Him. In this case it to trust Him to heal my wife, to take away her pain, and enable her to live a normal life. That is the first step: to trust Him.


Pray! That’s right, I’m going to pray. A lot. I’ll pray for her healing, pray that I’ll be the supporting husband I should be, and pray that His will be done.

It’s easy to say you trust God and it’s easy to question Him, but it’s not so easy to actually trust Him. Prayer is based on trust. We are too imperfect for prayer to be based on ourselves. But God is the One we can look to and pray to for our needs. He wants to hear from us, so I am going to pray.


Prayer moves mountains. I’m thinking of symbolic mountains, but literal mountains can be moved with enough prayer. Unfortunately most of us don’t have strong enough faith for our prayers to move literal mountains. But the heavy loads that we carry day to day He has promised to either help carry or to remove the burden.


I wish this wasn’t so. We humans are so fickle. We say we love God but then we disobey Him. In Revelation God said the Ephesians had lost their first love. He wants our undivided love. He wants to forgive us our sins and heal our land (2 Chron. 7:14). Or to put it personally He wants to forgive my sins and heal my house.

But if I have unrepented sin in my life He will not hear my prayers. So that requires me to do a little self examination. Have I lost my first love? Do I serve Him because I love Him? Do I obey Him out of a tender, loving heart? I need to answer these questions, then take action before I pray.

In other words I need to love Him in word, in thought, and in practice. Trust, prayer, and love – these three will draw me closer to God!

By the way, if you’d like to pray for my wife her name is Teresa Riddle.

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