This faq page details common questions with our answers. If these do not address your needs, contact us at marketing@tr-indbkstore.com.

Q. How has COVID 19 affected you?

A. T&R Independent Books is an Internet based business and is therefore not impacted as Brick & Mortar bookstores. Our site is open 24/7 and our books are available through Amazon.com. We provide links to the pages where you can safely purchase your copy of any of our books.

Q. Our new Bookstore is Open. What does that mean for customers, clients, etc.?

A. T&R Independent Bookstore is our online method of marketing our books, which means that at this time we only sell books by R. Frederick and Tess Riddle. As such all our books are marked down from retail. At the same time, we continue to provide links to our product’s Amazon.com pages.

The Bookstore is designed to provide our customers with an easy opportunity to see all our books in one place and to have the opportunity to buy one or more. Our TR Writing Services is currently independent of the Bookstore but we are looking at the possibility of marketing that service through the Bookstore in the future.

Q. What does TR Writing Services do?

A. We ‘edit, proof, and publish the book within you’. You might ask what does that mean. It means we take your rough draft and guide you step by step into producing a quality book that you can be proud of writing. Our brochure details the services we provide at an affordable price, but the end result is you holding in your hands the finished work and giving you the opportunity to savor the satisfaction it brings!

When I wrote my first book there came a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of pride, and pure satisfaction in having my dream come true! That is our goal for each and every client!

Q. I am interested in writing my own book. What do I need to do?

A. The first step is to contact us via email (marketing@tr-indbkstore.com) indicating your interest. We will email you our brochure (free) and our Guide to Writing (free). The brochure contains a form that you can copy and paste into another email (make sure you fill in blanks). Send the form plus a copy of your book. We will review the book. If we approve we will let you know by email.

Q. What are the submission requirements?

A. Since we do our publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), we use their criteria. Any discrepancies between this answer and KDP statements, KDP always rules. Currently they require a 100 page minimum. All our plans (except Custom Plans, see below) are based on that minimum. Our plans currently are Bronze for up to 50,000 words, Silver for up to 75,000 words, Gold for up to 100,000 words, and Platinum for over 100,000 words (this plan includes eBook).

Q. What next?

A. The approval email will give specific details. But generally speaking, if a slot is open, we will recommend a plan and send you a link to select and pay for the plan. If a slot is not currently open, we will let you know, give you an estimated time before it’s open, and let you know in subsequent emails the status of your book.

Q. What if I have already decided to go with you. Can I skip any steps?

A. Not really. It is a two-way street. You decide if you want our service; we decide if we want to do your book.

Q. Can my book be both print and digital?

A. Yes. You can make that choice at the beginning or you can start with print and then add digital. If you choose both at the beginning your price will include an additional $150 ($100 for eBook & $50 for Select); if you choose to start with print and have the option to add digital the initial price will be the plan price and at the time of publication you will be asked if you want digital. If yes, then you pay the $390 (Platinum Plan) and we begin converting your book. Note: we will consider digital with other plans; just figure on an additional $150.

Q. Does TR-Writing Services guarantee my book will be published?

A. We advise, you choose. I have worked with people writing their first book and they have been very pleased with the results. I can promise you that if you follow our recommendations and steps your book will be published to your satisfaction. That is our promise to you. We will publish your book using the KDP platform. But the choice is always yours. We still might publish the book even if you don’t follow our advice though the promise is no longer viable. But why wouldn’t you follow our advice? We edit the book so that it reflects your style. We are not hidebound to grammatical rules. We give you options and explain why. You then correct, amend or not. It really depends on you.

Q. If I publish a book with you and later want to publish another book do I get a discount?

A. Yes. You have already used us to set up your account with KDP and guide you through the steps necessary to create your first book. If you’ve been paying attention you know what is needed and can prepare in advance. So there will be a discount. Discounts will vary over time and be customer based, but we reward you for coming back.

For example, say you’ve decided to write another book as a sequel to the first. This amounts to a series which we encourage you to do. Each book of that series will receive a discount. Since the amount of discount depends on the chosen plan and other elements, we cannot predetermine your discount here, but you will receive a discount.

Q. What is Basic Plan?

A. The Basic Plan is for books up to 30,000 words (includes front matter, manuscript, and back matter). This plan is based on a minimum number of pages (100 and can exceed 150 pages). Generally speaking the maximum is 30,000 words. The minimum of 100 pages is a KDP requirement, but that includes the front matter, which varies in length depending on whether you use an Authors Page in the front and informational pages in the back. Contact us for further details.

Q. I’m not living in America, can I still use your services?

A. Yes, but you may incur extra shipping costs from KDP (i.e., shipping of Proof Copy). Since our work is transacted on the internet we don’t care where you live. All payments are by credit card (the card must be acceptable to WooCommerce (.e., Visa, MasterCard) and in U.S. currency) .

In the case of our bookstore, we sell primarily in the United States and Canada, but we do require a United States shipping address.

Q. What genres do you accept?

A. We accept most genres. We are not interested in hardcore sex or violence, but will accept books that have sex and/or violence. Swear words are not allowed; please use symbols or other devices instead. There are other genres we may not accept. The following is your best practice: Based on our review of your book we will make a case by case determination. If we reject it, the manuscript will be returned to you.

Q. Do I receive royalties from my book?

A. Your royalties depend on choices you make for your book. It is between you and KDP. So, yes you receive royalties and the amount depends on your choices regarding the price of your book and on your marketing.

Q. Do you offer marketing services?

A. No. We provide our clients with a webpage that they can use for marketing. We also provide on our website links that we think may be of help to you. Mr. Riddle writes a blog on writing and on occasion gives marketing tips. From time to time we may include on our website or in a newsletter (in planning stages) marketing tips.

Q. What is a webpage? (As you mentioned above.)

A. TR-Writing Services is invested in our clients. We want you to have tools you can use. One of the tools we provide is a webpage for each writer who has completed all the steps and has had us publish their work. This page consists of an Author’s Photo, Author’s Bio, Book Cover, and Book Description. Book Cover, Title, and ‘Available at Amazon.com’ all have links directly to Amazon’s book page where customers can purchase the book. It is a tool you can use (we provide you a link to it). If you write more than one book (for example, a series) all the books will appear on that page. Think of it as your online catalog.

Q. What genre do you and your wife work in?

A. Tess writes Mysteries aimed at Preteen and Teen, although adults may enjoy them as well. R. Frederick writes Historical Fiction, Mystery and Speculative Fiction aimed at adults 18 and older.

Q. Can I buy your book in a bookstore?

A. We are diligently working to put our books on bookstore shelves. But if you don’t see it, ask the bookstore if they can order it. By the way, when publishing through KDP you can allow your books to be sold in bookstores by selecting Expanded Distribution. Some bookstores may not have a desired book on their shelves but will order them through IngramSpark or other distributors.

Covid-19 alert: Because of the virus and the ensuing shutdown bookstores may not be accepting books until next year. Thus, our books may not be available in bookstores. But they are available through our Website’s Catalog with links directly to Amazon page or you can search for them on Amazon.

Q. How do you compare with other publishers?

A. We cost less! Aside from that we are not involved in marketing (in all honesty neither are they). Most of our competitors offer a version of marketing, which is partially covered by their plans and the rest comes from fees (such as for tools, etc.). We are a small family owned business dedicated to helping new authors and/or struggling authors. We don’t just say the book is yours, we mean it and that is reflected in how we work with you. Our emphasis is on creating a book that you can be proud of and publishing you through KDP (print and digital).

Q. Do I retain ownership of the book?

A. Yes. Our Editing and Proofing services are just that: services. You own the book. If you desire the Production Files (includes previous versions, images, and other associated items) we will provide after the book is published.

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