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Fishing Week My Biggest Catch

Since the first week of June is Fishing Week I thought I would share with you the story of my biggest catch.

As a child I lived in West Branch, Michigan which is pretty much in the center of the Lower Peninsula. It is also about 22 miles southwest of Sage Lake where this story took place. Back then my parents had friends who had a cabin on Sage Lake and we would occasionally visit them. This was one such visit.

I don’t know if the boat was owned by the friends or just a rental but one day we rowed out into the deeper water and began fishing. In all transparency I was never much of a fisherman. Somehow the fish seemed to know I was on the other end of the line and they boycotted me. There simply isn’t any other explanation.

As I recall there were four of us in the boat which included my father, my mother, my sister, and myself. I am not sure about the pole I used although I am thinking it may have been the trusty old bamboo rod.

One of the things I don’t like about fishing is the waiting. You cast your line out and simply wait for a fish to come along and decide to check out the amazing lure. In any case, it did seem like a long time before I had even a single bite.

I would cast my line out let it sink below the surface, wait a while and then being recast. This involved flicking the line up and over my back and then casting it again. Even this was becoming tiring.

But then it happened!

I flicked the hook behind me and cast again just as I had been doing. But this time I caught something. And it was big! I got excited as did my mom who was sitting right beside me. It was probably the proudest moment of my life.


That was mom hollering at me. You could tell she was just as excited as I was, perhaps more so. Because, you see, that biggest catch ever was her!

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