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Friday News & Comments 08 14 20

Today’s Issue: Biden & Harris

Welcome to Friday News. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I share tips while on Friday and Monday I report the news.

On Tuesday Biden caved and followed the advice he was given to tap Kamala Harris as his Vice-Presidential candidate. In so doing, he aligned himself with the Far Left. Because she favors the public option being attached to Medicare-for-all and supports Israel, I previously marked her Moderately Left. But that is still very much Left. And she supports such things as the Green New Deal, straddles the fence on police defunding, and supports other extreme left ideas. In effect she has two toes in the Moderately Left and a foot plus three toes in the Extreme Left.

The truth is that the Democratic ticket leans heavily to the Left and considering the likelihood that Biden will either be a figurehead or may not survive his Presidency, she would become an Extreme Left President.

She also carries serious baggage, such as the ‘hiding’ of evidence when she was San Francisco’s district attorney. Defenders point out that she says she knew nothing about the problem until it went public. Neither did she own up to her responsibility until this year meaning she only owned up to it because it had become an election year issue. She should have owned up to it at the very first based simply on the concept laid down by President Johnson, “The Buck stops here.”

Her office also argued against releasing prisoners to free prisons of overcrowding. This was later characterized by her as indentured servants and she spoke against it. But, once again, it was her office and as the head of that office she should have taken responsibility.

Then, there is her condemnation of candidate Joe Biden for working with segregationists and on Busing. All of these issues will undoubtedly be explored in upcoming debates. And in the meantime, Biden and Harris have to reconcile over some very personal attacks.

But the real issue is her political stand which is to the Far Left!

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