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Friday News & Comments 08 21 20

Today’s Issue: Trump vs. Harris

Welcome to Friday News.

Today I want to share some facts brought up by Newt Gingrich. Consider:

  1. The Biden-Harris commitment to renew the Obama effort to destroy suburban neighborhoods is a direct threat to the peace of mind for two-thirds of the American people – including a large number of African American and Latino suburbanites.
  2. The Biden-Harris commitment to use taxpayer money to pay for abortions through the ninth month of pregnancy is opposed even by many pro-choice Americans (and is a break with Biden’s entire career of supporting the Hyde Amendment, which bars taxpayer money from paying for abortions).
  3. The commitment in HR 6800, which 207 House Democrats supported and Biden endorsed, to pay $1,200 bonuses to every person in the country illegally is deeply unpopular.
  4. Biden’s commitment to Beto O’Rourke that he could pursue gun control (recall, O’Rourke wants compulsory confiscation going door-to-door) will alienate virtually all Second Amendment supporters.
  5. The Democratic mayors and district attorneys (many elected with George Soros’ money) represent a pro-criminal future which is exploding into violence. As Democrats continue to publicly praise soft on crime prosecutors and cry “defund the police,” the choice in November will become pro-police vs. pro-criminal, and there is a huge majority against violence.
  6. The teachers’ unions own the Democratic Party, and their blackmail approach to reopening schools is isolating them from Americans. Remember: Gov. Ron DeSantis earned 18 percent of Black female votes against a Black Democratic opponent on the issue of school choice.

Emphasis is mine.

Newt could have continued but this list is condemning enough. When you consider that Kamala Harris, widely expected to become President in 1st term, is not a Centrist as the media claims but far right (rejected by Democratic voters in the primary), you can see the danger.

I’ve never seen a worse ticket! I’ve seen tickets I didn’t like, but never one this radical and incompetent. There was a time when Joe Biden was sharp, but that has passed. He’s 77 years old, a few months younger than me, and I couldn’t handle the Presidency. That leaves the election being Trump vs. Harris!

Trump is the only reasonable choice. Or to put it another way, Order (Trump) over Chaos (Harris). And let’s not forget that Trump brought back prosperity for all; he can do it again!

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