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Friday News : Impeachment & the Democrats

Welcome to Friday News. Every Friday I share news with you; primarily about writing and sometimes about life in general. This week it is about: Impeachment & the Democrats.

What’s the Future of Impeachment?

The short answer that whenever the trial begins it will be short and end in acquittal.

The long answer takes more room and time. I’ll give you my understanding.

The Democrats Made a Mistake

And it’s a big one. In 2016 Trump blew Hilary out of the water and the Democrats assumed foul play. It wasn’t true, but they hitched their future to that assumption and immediately there were calls for impeachment.

Along came the Steele Dossier. This piece of fiction, apparently funded by the Clinton campaign, was meant to be used in the election. I don’t believe they every thought it would be used in impeachment proceedings. They probably knew it was nothing but fiction, but they figured it would useful in undermining the Trump campaign. It was dirty politics with an unexpected consequence.

Surprisingly none of our liberal friends have called for an investigation into what eventually cost the American taxpayers millions, even billions of dollars. Maybe not so surprisingly since the people calling for Trump’s impeachment would not be interested in going after Hilary and her campaign.

This mistake looked like a blessing to the Democrats in Congress, especially the newly elected Representatives. It was vehicle that could possibly remove their arch enemy from office! Check the history out and you will find that Speaker Pelosi quickly realized that this was a mistake. For some reason, however, she hooked her boat to this sinking ship.

The Democrats Didn’t Get Off When They Could

The Mueller investigation provided them cover. After years of using bullying tactics and excessive taxpayer dollars, he came up with nothing. At that point Pelosi could have said something like, “We tried, but now it is time to move on.”

But she didn’t.

Instead, she let it hang around and the new, loudmouth Representatives grew more strident and, in my opinion, stronger. She started shifting her stance and moved closer probably trying to mollify them. It didn’t work. They got their hooks into her and didn’t let go.

The ship Impeachment was sinking, and she couldn’t keep it afloat. Using her power she forced the Articles of Impeachment even though they had no corroborating facts. What she called ‘facts’ amounted to hearsay and innuendo.

Then Capitulation

That’s what I call it. Although filled with misgivings, she caved. Her words changed from caution to tentative and finally to ‘Urgent’. Impeachment was urgent.

It reminds me of when Obamacare was passed in 2010, she famously said, “We [need] to pass the bill in order to find out what [is] in it.” The fact checkers admit she said it but add it must be viewed in her intentions. Then they show what the context was before and after. But they leave out a very important fact. Obamacare was not bipartisan, and the Democrats locked Republicans out of participating in discussions. That is the true context. At the time America was concerned about its contents and whether she intended her statement to be taken as we took them or not is immaterial. Basically people understood her as saying that the bill should be passed and then read. Apparently, Obama agreed, because it was shortly passed and he signed it.

Sounds a lot like her comments regarding Impeachment.

Now she was stuck. She’d stuck her neck out and couldn’t turn back. So the Articles of Impeachment were passed without a single Republican vote. The ship Impeachment was looking more and more like the Titanic!

Bucket Brigade

I wasn’t there but I imagine Pelosi waking up the next morning and crying out loud, “What have we done?”

Suddenly reality reappeared. She remembered earlier statements where she opposed impeachment. Facts hadn’t really changed; they were still hearsay. Fishing expeditions had failed. There was more not less innuendo and fabrication. What could she do?

Then a brilliant idea came. Just like in the past people used bucket brigades to throw water on a raging fire, she could ease off the pedal and call for a “fair trial.” So she leaped out of bed and joyfully went forward.

She gave a statement that basically said, “We need a fair trial where our facts can be fully explored. Otherwise, I won’t send the articles to the Senate.”

The problem is this. Imagine a prosecutor going before a judge and saying, “We believe the defendant is guilty, but we don’t have enough evidence to convict him. Order him to tell the court everything and to provide incriminating evidence.”

It won’t happen unless it’s a grand jury. Even then it might not happen.

Just like throwing a bucket of water on a raging fire won’t work unless you have a long line of buckets, so this argument goes out the window!

The Senate

The U.S. Constitution gives the Senate the sole power to conduct a trial. House Managers (prosecutors) have the duty to press the charges. Senate Managers represent the defendant. To call additional witnesses at this time requires at the very least an understanding of what evidence that witness will provide. ‘Hope for’ is not the same. The Democrats are simply going on a fishing expedition with no worm on their hook.

Furthermore, while the Speaker does not have to provide the articles in a timely fashion, the Senate is under no obligation to listen to the Speaker. The Speaker has no authority as to the construction, nature, or conduct of the trial.

My View.

Personally, I think the case should be thrown out! But that’s not likely to happen. Right now the Republicans hold the upper hand both in the Senate and in the nation. The Democrats have been caught with their pants down, are embarrassed, and are fearful. To do what I want could backfire.

But the Senate should not let the House dictate how the trial will go. In the House the investigation went forward despite opposition from the Republicans. It was clearly biased. In the Senate you currently have the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader meeting and discussing the format. They haven’t agreed on anything as far as I know and now Schumer is forced to act on Pelosi’s demands. He’s been placed in a bad situation which has resulted in the meetings now going nowhere.

 I don’t know what the final format will be, but the fact they are still talking is far better than what happened in the House. In the end, the decision rests with the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

What’s a Fair Trial?

That’s easy. The accused gets to face his accusers and gets to present his side to a jury of his peers. I don’t believe that is what Pelosi means.

Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.’

Pelosi and the Democrats were forced by their own party members to conduct political suicide. If they had only stopped and read history, they would have seen what happened to the Republicans when they impeached Clinton.

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