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Friday News : Moving On

Welcome to Friday News. Every Friday I share news with you; primarily about writing and sometimes about life in general. This week it is about:Moving On.

Okay, the Verdict Is?

President Donald Trump has been declared Not Guilty of an Impeachable offense. What does that mean?

It means his actions did not rise to the high level demanded by our Founding Fathers. Whenever trying to understand the Constitution you must always go back to the Founding Fathers and find out from them their understanding. Part of the troubles in Washington D.C. comes from the fact most Representatives and Senators are lawyers and they have been taught that the Constitution is a “living Document” to be interpreted according to modern mores. This has led to confusion and contrary understandings to the original meanings.

In my opinion, maybe we should ban lawyers from running for office. Not going to happen but putting commonsense minded people in office surely would work better than the current mess.

What Now?

Well, commonsense suggests we move on and that our government Representatives and Senators do what they were elected to do.

But alas, commonsense rarely rules in the running of our government. The ink wasn’t even dry on the Acquittal document and the Democrats were already planning to continue to go after the President! Since the day Trump announced he was running for President the Democrats targeted him. It would almost seem like they were running scared!

So prepare yourselves folks. If you reelect these Democrats they intend to find or, more likely, create another controversy leading to impeachment. They don’t care how much it costs, how many lives are ruined, or how badly they trash the Constitution.

What Will President Trump Do?

I don’t pretend to read his mind or have a knowledge of his thinking, but I am observant, and I think I have an understanding of who he is. So here is my take.

I believe he will go forth confidently and pursue the following:

  • Less government intrusion into people’s economic lives
  • Greater opportunity zones in underserved areas
  • A stronger military
  • Space research and exploration
  • Better trade agreements around the world, including China
  • A MidEast agreement that protects Israel
  • …and more

In other words, he will continue to listen to the people, the citizens of the United States, and work to get his views enacted into law or at least Presidential decree.

Will Trump Always Espouse Conservative Values?

I am a conservative first, a support of Trump second. And no, he hasn’t always supported Conservative views and I don’t expect to see him change. Most people tend to think he is a Conservative. I think a better tag should be Populist. Populism can be either Left or Right. So in my view, Trump is primarily a Populist of the Right, but there are times where his views may lean left. Look at the results of his first three years. That is what you can expect from him and why I will vote for him.

Will He Be Reelected?

This is my opinion: President Donald Trump will likely be reelected in a landslide. Not only because of his accomplishments, but because of the Democrats lack of accomplishments and their total lack of regard for the Constitution, Taxpayer money, and the people they are supposed to be serving. This whole impeachment proceeding had nothing to do with the President’s actions and everything to do with their failure to deliver in 2016.

It’s going to be a long summer and a longer next four years for them.

What About the Blue Wave?

What Blue Wave? In 2018 they claimed a Blue Wave, but if you’ve been around for very long you know that Midterm Elections usually means the House, or in rare occasions the Senate, changes hands and the Opposition Party is the winner.

Did the Blue Wave change that? No. The Democrats took over the House and the move to impeach the President took over. The problem is that the Democrats have convinced themselves that they, and they alone, know what’s best for the country. And you better not get in their way!

A true Blue Wave would have turned both the House and the Senate over to the Democrats. They never came close!

Moving ON!

We the people, the taxpayers, deserve better than childish behavior on the Left. I grew up in a time when the Democrats and the Republicans had their issues with one another, but they learned to set that aside and work out compromises. That day has passed, and I don’t know if it will ever return.

However, there is hope. God has used President Trump much like He used Old Testament leaders. Then it was to discipline and protect His people the Jews. Today God is still protecting the Jews, but He is also protecting Christians. I see a glimpse here and there of a national revival coming. Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I’m praying for it. And it will only come if we Christians submit to God, pray for revival, and walk according to His will. And it will begin within each of us!

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