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Friday News : Pelosi and Fair Trial

Welcome to Friday News. Every Friday I share news with you; primarily about writing and sometimes about life in general. This week it is about: Pelosi and Fair Trial.

I was planning on writing about Christmas. And I do wish all my readers a wonderful and merry Christmas. Remember, it’s about Christ coming to Earth in the form of a baby with the purpose of dying for your sins! What a wonderful Savior!

Is Pelosi serious?

That question is in relation to her new demand that the Senate get her approval before she’ll send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Now, President Trump responded by demanding a speedy trial. And that is his right. But the Senate is not under any obligation to seek the House’s approval.

The truth is that Pelosi is trying to protect herself and her fellow Democrats. They impeached the President to gratify their political core. But with no evidence to present other than hearsay, speculation, and unfounded accusations, they know that it will fail in the Senate.

In almost every article I’ve read from the Democratic view they “assume” that certain accusations are true. But assumptions are not facts and therefore not admissible in a court of law. The entire whistleblower effort would never be allowed in a court of law because it was not something witnessed by the so-called whistleblower but was hearsay.

In fact, the very accusations are based on liberal interpretations of the Constitution. The Constitution emphasizes High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Even if the President did what they said he did, it would not rise to the level of “high”. Our founding fathers used that word on purpose to prevent political attacks. Unfortunately, modern politicians believe they can reinterpret the Constitution to fit their needs.

The Real Problem is 2016.

Donald Trump was elected by the people of the United States receiving a clear majority of Electoral votes. But the liberals (i.e., Democrats) couldn’t accept that and immediately set out to impeach him before he ever took office. They seized upon the Russian Collusion charge that was fabricated by the Steele document that was paid for by the Hillary Campaign. Don’t have time to prove that here, but it’s been well documented.

That led to the Mueller Report which shot down the collusion charge. But the Democrats were not to be put off that easily. They went from being Mueller’s best friend to his biggest foe simply because he gave an honest report and not the one they were looking for.

Then came the Whistleblower.

Unfortunately this whole whistleblower fiasco has damaged the whistleblower protections. In a rather suspicious manner the FBI altered the requirements of the whistleblower program to allow hearsay evidence. This was closely followed by the whistleblower complaint. The recent report by the Inspector General glossed over this behavior, but it should be looked at seriously.

House Impeachment Proceedings.

I almost feel sorry for Speaker of the House Pelosi. She’s fighting for her job. It is obvious from previous statements by her that she didn’t want to go this route. Her hand was forced by a loud, determined minority of Democrats who hated Trump from the beginning.

But while that may be true, the Speaker had the power to stop it. She could have interceded and made sure the House proceedings were fair, just, and followed judicial practice. She didn’t. The whole investigation has been tainted by not allowing the President to face his accuser. He couldn’t even send his lawyers!

Technically speaking, the investigation wasn’t a trial. In fact, it appeared more like a Grand Jury where the prosecution has the power and the defense nothing. (In all honesty, I am not a fan of grand juries for that reason although they may have some value.) The American people deserved better!


Complicating the picture for the Democrats is the well documented fact that President Trump has been the catalyst for a booming economy, a bullish stock market, improved relations abroad, and much more. President Obama claims his actions brought on the economic boom, but the only thing he can really claim is that it started under his watch – the day after the election. I’ve commented on this in the past.

What Does the Speaker Mean by a Fair Trial?

Not what you and I would mean. Nor is it something any prosecutor would dare demand of a court of law.

Rather, she wants assurances that their “evidence” will be received and believed. She wants the House (prosecutors) to have the same upper hand they’ve had to date. It appears she wants to protect the so-called whistleblower and any other unnamed witnesses from being cross-examined.

My View.

Personally, I think the case should be thrown out! But that’s not likely to happen. Right now the Republicans hold the upper hand both in the Senate and in the nation. The Democrats have been caught with their pants down, are embarrassed, and are fearful. To do what I want could backfire.

But the Senate should not let the House dictate how the trial will go. In the House the investigation went forward in spite of opposition from the Republicans. It was clearly biased. In the Senate you currently have the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader meeting and discussing the format. I don’t know what the final format will be, but the fact they are talking is far better than what happened in the House. In the end, the decision rests with the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

What’s a Fair Trial?

That’s easy. The accused gets to face his accusers and gets to present his side to a jury of his peers. I don’t believe that is what Pelosi means.

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