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Global Warming

Monday’s I try to focus on issues. These can be spiritual, religious, political, economic, or just about anything. Today I am focusing on the weather, particularly “global warming.”

Since I’m not a scientist I won’t write from the view of science. This is actually good because the scientific community is overrun by global alarmists to such a degree, pardon the pun, that reasonable discussion is almost impossible.

This is unfortunate being as there are problems with the global warming viewpoint. Last week I read an article purporting that investing in global warming can bring great economic benefits. Now, if you’re talking individually I would agree. Al Gore with his Inconvenient Truth movie did all right for himself. The fact that the movie was flawed and that he personally doesn’t live according to “green” theology is beside the point.

The fact is that the scientific study of weather has a rather recent beginning of only a few hundred years. But historically there is a better record and it seems to indicate that the weather is cyclic. That is, there are periods of cooling (such as the Ice Age) and periods of warming. The Ice Age didn’t happen millions of years ago, but rather about 2,500 years ago right after the Flood. It is believed it lasted for only a few hundred years.

So when you talk about the Earth warming there is truth in that. But that should not bring concerns about the end of the world. If you read the Bible you know how the world will end and you have a small understanding of how it will be renewed.

According to the Bible the Earth will never have a worldwide flood again. But rather it will burn up. Because of global warming? Maybe, but doubtful. Rather God will cause the Earth to be destroyed by fire; purged if you will of the results of sin since the days of Adam. Then there will be a New Earth!

So will investing in the global warming industry reap financial benefits for all of mankind? I find this doubtful. Unless man starts using a commonsense approach to global warming theories, the benefits will be hard to come by. Don’t believe me? Ask the coal workers who have been victimized by a concerted effort to shut down their industry. The current thinking, supported by the previous administration, is that they are right and if it takes loss of work, health or life to accomplish their will, it will be worth it.

I think that if global warming is truly coming (and the ‘experts’ blame everything on it) then it should be embraced. Instead of resisting and trying to stop it, there should be an effort to understand it and profit thereby. But most ‘green’ solutions are aimed at stopping it.

The problem is that global warming is probably not happening on the scale that the tabloids and shock troops of ‘the world is ending’ persuasion claim. But, influenced by a flawed movie and self-serving lies, they press forward demanding changes that would undermine, at the least, world economies. They talk of the weather getting hotter and hotter; they even provide a measure of degrees by which it will grow hotter. But the truth is that it is all built on a theory that is supported by lies or, as supporters say, ‘It may not be the truth, but if it brings about the desired change it is worth it.’

Thinking again of the coal industry, I think they have at least tried to become more ‘green’ friendly with their ‘clean coal.’ That is a practical approach. It isn’t sexy nor does it glitter, but it can protect jobs, reduce prices, and bring a Return On Investment (ROI). That is the kind of thinking we need.

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