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How can They Say a Wall is Ineffective?

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at How can They Say a Wall is Ineffective?
The Democrats primary argument against the building of a wall is that it is ineffective. But this defies the facts. Let’s take a look.
Wall of China – They say it is ineffective. Of course it is now, it was built centuries ago. But until it crumbled it was effective. It at least made invasion more difficult and defense easier.
Prison Walls – If walls are ineffective why do we put prisoners behind walls? It’s too keep the community safe.
City Walls – In olden times they built walls to protect the city and its inhabitants from marauding bandits and opposing armies. This method of protection worked well until modern weaponry came on the scene.
Walls around Homes – Many rich people including both Democrats and Republicans have homes surrounding their houses. If they are ineffective, why bother?
Gated Communities – My wife and I live in a socalled gated community. In our case it consists of wooden and metal fences. Supposedly this makes us more secure. While certainly not 100 percent effective they make it harder for thieves to enter and that’s a good thing.
The idea of a wall is not to stop illegal immigration entirely. That is probably impossible. But right now the rate, which changes every year, is unbearable. We cannot take care of all the world’s poor.
What about the fact they’re escaping famine, extortion, murder, etc.?
I don’t deny that this is happening. But we still can’t take them all in. When you try to do that other injustices take place. A good example was the forced separation of children from their parents and incarcerated in cages. This started under the Obama Administration and continued under the Trump Administration, which ultimately stopped it due to public pressure.
The fact remains though that more people are coming across than we can handle.
But the children are innocent.
Are they? How do you know. Are you so naive that you believe that children cannot be used? Look around you. In the Vietnam War they were used to kill American soldiers. It is well known that Americans like kids and would provide food and more to them. Until children came with bombs attached and blew themselves up.
More recently children in Africa have been used in war. It’s an atrocity!
The fact is if anyone bypasses the border stations where they are supposed to legally apply and enter America we have no way of documenting them. Or a better word is vetting. Let’s say 1000 people enter illegally and only one is a terrorist. Since you don’t know who that terrorist is you let in all 1000. That terrorist may have the potential of killings thousands of people.
If you really want to help them then help them in their own countries.
Walls are a temporary but necessary solution until Congress comes up with something better.
The Wall was never meant to be the final or only solution. Some people say modern technology is better. However, this has not been proven and until it is we need something in place to protect us. How about this idea: Combine the wall with modern technology. That would truly protect us better.
What about Trump declaring a National Emergency?’
I think it has merit. We have thousands of people on our border with many planning on entering illegally. And last I heard there were thousands more on the way. It may not be an army with guns and tanks, but it would still amount to an army. An army of people who think that by entering America all their problems will go away. That’s a false expectation, but it is what they are being told.
What about using confiscated drug money to build the wall?
I don’t know if they can or can’t but I’m sure in favor of trying it. I’d like to see more on this solution.
The hearts of all Americans should go out to these people. Most of them have given up everything for a better life. I think we need to do more on the international front and try to force the home countries to do more. While that may be unlikely, it should still be tried.
And instead of the Democrats making a political football out of the issue, they should work with the Republicans to find a real solution. In my opinion, they use the poor, the homeless, and others for political purposes. When they have power like they did in the first few years of Obama’s Presidency they could have done something, but it wasn’t in their interests.
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