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How is the Government Shutdown Good for Us?

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at How is the Government Shutdown Good for Us?
Once again we go through a government shutdown. It appears to be an increasingly popular way of solving disputes. Only when a shutdown occurs do modern politicians get serious about issues. So who is wrong in the current dispute and does it benefit us?
The answer to that is easy. Pelosi, Schumer, and other Democrats assert that a wall is ineffective. Yet walls are built today for a variety reasons and being ineffective is never an issue. Walls work. They’ve worked throughout history and God Himself directed Nehemiah to build a wall. The Democrats are wielding an empty argument.
The greater question is Who’s Winning?
Well, if you believe the liberals and the media you might surmise that the Democrats are winning. But this would be a faulty assumption. The American people are smart enough to see through the Democratic smoke and mirrors arguments. The American people want secure borders which the Democrats, despite their rhetoric, aren’t too eager about. Illegal immigration spawns a ready market for liberal ideology, so it is too the liberal’s advantage to see it continue.
But the American people know that while there is discomfort with a government shutdown life goes on. Government workers, which are more than likely liberal in thinking, are the ones most affected by this shutdown. And this is not good for the Democrats. It looks to me like the President is winning.
How long will it last?
That’s really up to the Democrats. President Trump has told them what they must do to reopen government. As long as they remain recalcitrant the shutdown will continue. They like to belittle the President and pooh-pooh his negotiating abilities, but take a look at his successes since being elected. At every turn he has outsmarted and outplayed his opponents whether they are in Europe, Asia, South or North America.
It’s just a guess, but I think the Democrats are sinking fast. Their base is beginning to suffer the pinch, news articles normally in their favor are beginning to ask questions, and they have to use fake polls to bolster their case (for example using polling in places like California where they are sure to draw support).
Has the Blue Wave played a role?
What Blue Wave? As I’ve mentioned before Midterm elections are historically times when the party in power loses seats not only in the House but in the Senate. But the Republicans gained seats in the Senate.
The so-called Blue Wave fizzled upon the rocks of a counter Red Wave! And thanks to President Obama President Trump knows he can still rule and accomplish a lot with a divided government.
Why do the Democrats hate President Trump?
That’s an interesting question. Before he ever ran for office they liked him. He is on a first name basis with many of them. They liked him, or at least his money.
But the problem came when he ran in opposition to their darling Clinton. The fix was in; she was suppose to win the election no matter who the Republicans put up. Let’s be frank. Clinton didn’t lose the election because of some nebulous collusion between Trump and Russia. She didn’t lose the election because of FBI interference. She lost the election because she once again got caught red handed multiple times and the American people recognized that she was incompetent as well as dishonest.
But a Majority of the People Voted for Her?
That’s true. But a majority of the states voted for Trump. There’s a reason our founders established the Electoral College. They foresaw the possibility of a few states dominating simply because they had a larger population. That would be inherently unfair to all the people. So they equalized the situation with the Electoral College.
Will Trump get His Wall?
It’s not really his wall. I believe that most Americans believe it is necessary. If we could get the politicians out of the way the Wall would be financed and built. Interestingly a man from Southwest Florida has used Social Media to raise in a very short time almost 21 million dollars toward support of the Wall.
Parts of the Wall have already been built before Trump even came into office. I believe that we will eventually see a combination of Wall and electronic countermeasures securing our borders. Only time will tell, but Trump is a powerful force that the Left has yet to figure out let alone defeat.
What will happen with Immigration?
That’s a more difficult question. As long as politicians regard it as their political football it won’t get resolved. I am of the opinion that an expanded legal entrance into the United States along with a broader path for citizenship will eventually have to occur. As long as there are sharp divides and inaction there will continue to be illegal immigration with the accompanying human trafficking, crime, and possible entrance of terrorists.
If the shutdown continues, how will it affect us?
The ‘experts’ haven’t been able to answer that question as of yet. This is supposed to be the longest shutdown in American history. So we are in uncharted territory. But so far it hasn’t really hit the majority of Americans except as a discomfort.
Of course, the TV consultants, media, and analysts will try. But their tract record is not very good. So we will have to wait and see. But as I said earlier, I think the Democrats are sinking fast and pressure is building for them to compromise. And that is what President Trump is seeking, a compromise.
At the beginning I asked how it would benefit us? It really depends on the final resolution. But if the Wall is finished there are some obvious benefits to all of America. Here are a few:

  • Major reduction in Illegal Immigration
  • Reduction in drug smuggling
  • A step toward stopping the rise of health care associated with immigration
  • Less violence along our border
  • Opportunity to work on the existing illegal immigrants now in America

These are just a few ideas that come to mind. It would also allow the government to turn its attention to other important issues needing to be addressed.
Unfortunately for the liberals and media it would mean another of President Trump’s promises being fulfilled. The very idea of this happening keeps them awake at night trying to think of ways to attack him. With the continuing lack of evidence of any wrong doing by the President they need all the help they can get. Although the democrats have used Social Media often they seem to misunderstand its true nature. They continue to put lies out there that the average internet user can check out and quickly discover they are lies.
A Note About So-called Fact Checkers:
There are well known fact checkers out there that a lot of people trust. But my experience has been that it is best not to put too much confidence in them. I think it is wise to remember there is no such thing as an unbiased person. That person doesn’t exist. Everyone has a bias.
That means when making use of fact checkers we should always find out what their bias is. Then check them out. And still be cautious. Why? Because as far as I can tell there is no one who is fact checking the fact checkers!


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