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Immigration Compromise

Today’s Issue: Immigration Compromise

Monday’s I try to focus on issues. Today we are taking a look at the GOP House bill that represents a compromise on immigration. To be honest, the details of this compromise have not been fully revealed or explained at the writing of this blog. However, I am a man who hearkens back to the days when conservatives and liberals could get together, be civil, and come up with a workable compromise.

Is this compromise one that is workable?

Because we don’t know all the details, we can only make guesses. On the surface at least it appears workable. To continue to not solve the problems of immigration and the so-called Dreamers is like two or more doctors agreeing you have a serious infection in your leg. But because they cannot agree on your treatment they do nothing. So the infection gets worse with the passage of time and becomes cancerous ultimately leading to amputation or worse.

You say that would never happen. But it happens all too often! We elect men and women to serve us. Yes, we lean toward certain ideals. But over and above those ideals we expect our congressmen/women to actually do something!

So, at the moment, I think this compromise is a good starting point. I particularly like the shift from family to skills emphasis. The family emphasis used to work well, but no longer meets the needs of America. On the other hand getting people into our country who can contribute to it immediately or soon should be a sought after result.

I also think a compromise on the Dreamers is desirable. There are millions of people out there hanging in limbo because nothing has been done about them. Amnesty is sometimes treated as a dirty word. The argument goes like this, to allow amnesty for these Dreamers is like rewarding them for doing wrong. The problem is they are called Dreamers because they came with their parent(s). On the other hand, we need to put a stop to future Dreamers, otherwise parents will continue to bring their children across the border and create an unending burden on our economy.

So take care of the Dreamers now within our borders but stop future Dreamers. That seems like a compassionate and responsible compromise.

Will it pass?

These days you never know. But this is an election year and voters will be watching. And both democrats and republicans better be taking notice that the American people (at least a very large minority or possibly majority) have bought into Trump’s America First. And those politicians who continue to buck or defy the President could lose their jobs.

Every day the media continues to bash President Trump and every day President Trump gets high marks from the American people. I think many of those in power, including the media, fear Trump. Not that he’ll bring disaster to America as they suggest, but that he’ll truly drain the swamp of which they are a part.

Such people will try to stop the compromise. They will make righteous speeches, thunderous accusations against Trump and his administration, and vote against any bill that attempts to cross the divide. True patriotic politicians will seek a place where they can meet and find common ground. But the problem is do we have enough true patriots?

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