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Insights Death Ship

But those days were now but a memory. Anti-Christian forces in and outside the government turned it back to a liberal course and clamped down on Christian thought and expression setting the stage for a great collision.

The above quote is from the opening Prologue to Death Ship. Today, I wish to comment on why I think the very idea of the persecution of Christians is not farfetched. It is very real! All you need to do is pick up your local newspaper or scan the internet. It’s out there and it is increasingly virulent. Travel to other countries like India, Sudan, Netherlands, and even Israel and you find anti-Christian thought and expression. While not always violent it is real nonetheless.

So the concept of persecution is today’s reality. Persecution has existed since the days of Christ and has continued to this day. Persecution may take various forms. The only thing about persecution in the book that is new is the plan to send Christians into the very heart of a Red Dwarf star.

Here in America we have what I call creeping persecution. Instead of imprisonment we have attacks against churches; personal attacks, both vocal and violent; collegiate, where college administrations deny rights to Christian students; and governmental, which involves city, state, and national.

But in Europe and across this planet persecution has taken a more sinister and vicious approach. Can we stop it? Not without revival. Here in America we have a President who could be classified as a Friend of Christianity. Is he saved? I don’t know. I am, however, confident that the Vice President is saved. And I believe that President Trump is willingly influenced by him and other Christian leaders.

But we are mistaken if we think one men or even a group of men, no matter how powerful, can reverse this trend toward persecution. It is a worldwide movement that the Bible indicates will one day reign supreme.

So what can we do?

Reach out to the One Person who can make a difference. Pray to God for revival for the world, for the nation, for your state, for your community, and for yourself! Pray for a revival that starts in our own hearts.

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