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Insights from World of Shem

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Tuesday’s I try to focus on Insights. This week I am taking another look at World of Shem.
Noah’s heart was thrilled at hearing God’s Voice. Listening carefully, he was astonished at the words God now spoke!
“…Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man.”
As God spoke it suddenly dawned upon Noah: Henceforth man is responsible to God for all our sins. Everyone of us will answer to a holy God, but He will also hold us as a people not only responsible for ourselves but for others also. If a man kills another, I as the patriarch must also take his life. This means I am expected to rule over them and take responsibility for them.
These thoughts staggered him.

After Noah and his family left the Ark God spoke to Noah and established government. In the past people ruled by might. There were kings, queens, and others whose word was law. If they thought you deserved death you died; if they thought your land and possessions should be taken away, they were taken away. In other words, the ruler had absolute power.
Capital Punishment.
Now God institutes government. Part of that establishment is Capital punishment. Today people argue against it, but God instituted it. The fact is that there is no rational argument against the death penalty.
Some people argue that it doesn’t reduce crime but history proves otherwise. According to history most crimes are committed by repeat offenders. This includes murder, rape, etc. When a person is sentenced to death it is because they committed a heinous crime.
While it might seem trivial to some, the fact is that no one has ever come back from the dead to commit another crime! Considering that repeat offenders constitute most criminal acts, this is huge. It is an obvious reduction in murders, rapes, etc. no matter what people who love to manipulate statistics want to tell you.
What About Innocent People?
That is a real problem that requires real solutions. Doing away with the death penalty is not a real solution, it’s a feel good solution that accomplishes little or nothing. Our “experts” need to focus on improving the collection and use of evidence. I for one think that police should be required to investigate all possible suspects and not focus on just one until the evidence supports such focus. Check out the facts even if the facts stand alone. Make sure that the lone fact is indeed a fact and, if so, pursue it. How many times has someone been convicted wrongly and the real criminal is long gone? Just saying.
What About Passing New Laws?
The answer to that question depends upon the situation the new law addresses. However, we all too often seek new laws to address crimes that are already addressed by existing law. Sometimes the problem isn’t the law, but the enforcement of that law.
That Would be Hard to do in a Democracy.
Perhaps. But first realize we do not live in a democracy, we live in a representative democracy. That is a whole different animal. The rule of the people (democracy) historically has been a failure. In fact, I would say that whenever someone has started down that road someone took over and you got the rule of one or a single group. True democracy leads to anarchy which usually requires a strong hand to overcome.
The Constitution Set Up A Representative Democracy.
We live in the best country because we have a representative democracy as instituted and defined in the constitution. This year we will be exercising our right to vote. That is a God given right to every citizen in America. It should be guarded (photo ID), protected, and used.
I imagine there may be some out there who don’t agree with my political views, but we live in a country where you are free to disagree and to be wrong. More important, you have the right to express your view in the voting booth. Part of the downward slide of our country has been apathy.
Immorality comes upon our country because we turn away from God’s Word and go our own way. It is also the result of not voting. Just because you are only one vote and it seems everybody is against you that is not a good reason for not voting.
Get out and Vote!
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