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Insights from World of Shem Part 5

In this issue I will speak on the Content.

Remembering that your writing is a ministry as unto the Lord you need to make sure your content reflects this. Whatever your topic or story line think of it as part of your testimony because it is.

People will judge you by what you write. And if they know you are a Christian they will judge you according to their view of Christian standards. For example, there are in World of Shem some very adult subjects. When writing these scenes I had to view them very strictly. Now I am not overly concerned with non-Christian standards, but at the same time there are critical areas that are important.

  • Was I doctrinally correct?
  • Was I too explicit?
  • Was it clear that something was a sin?

These are just some of the self-judgments I had to make. And if you are a Christian as well as an author it is necessary for you also to subject your work to an examination. And sometimes I need someone else’s eyes. That is why I invite others to proofread and why I ask for reviews.

Side note: Reviews are not just for the purpose of marketing. They also shed light on potential or existing problems that need correcting.

One of the things we Christians need to remember is Paul’s example. He was free to do a lot of things including eating food which may or may not have been dedicated to idols. But while free to do so there were times he refrained because of the presence of someone who might be offended. In our case that someone is a future reader.

Don’t get me wrong. Don’t eliminate something just because it might offend. Some people are offended by the Gospel, but we still preach it! The important thing is to determine the sincerity of the offended person. Then act appropriately.

Honor God and He’ll honor you.!

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