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Insights From World of Shem

In the last issue of A Look At World That Was I talked about the research necessary in writing the World of Shem. Today I’ll begin a series called Insights From World of Shem.

Consistency with the Bible

I have read, and maybe you have also, books based on the Bible that took a very casual approach to the Bible. I have also seen movies that didn’t adhere to the Biblical record. As a Bible believing Christian such actions have a jarring effect. People who read the Bible regularly easily spot inconsistencies in such books. They may or may not know why, but they instantly know something’s not right.

Such people will turn to their Bibles and compare. It is in my opinion absolutely imperative that the author keep the book in line with the Bible. This is also true of secular writing. For example when writing historical novels based on secular history it is imperative to be accurate. In my novel Dead Eye Will there were a number of historical events, places, and people that made an appearance. Accuracy was a must!

But such accuracy is even more important when dealing with a Bible subject. You are dealing with the Word of God requiring accuracy not only in fact but in application. While I hope more Christians write on Biblical events and people, I recognize that it places a heavy burden on that writer.

But it is worth it. When you are finished writing and can look back saying “my story fits right within Scripture” there is a feeling of satisfaction hard to beat. And when you have published such a book a reviewer might say, “He/she brings the Bible to life!” That’s a compliment you won’t soon forget.

So far we have covered Research and Consistency with the Bible. The next issue of Insights will cover another issue.

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