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Insights: World of Noah and the Ark

Insights: World of Noah and the Ark

“The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.”
God communicated His intentions to Noah and sent Noah out to preach the coming judgment upon mankind and indeed the world. But the world didn’t listen. They went on their way singing, dancing, living immoral lives, and laughing at Noah and those who followed him. But God had the last laugh.
Not that He was laughing. He had warned them and caused Noah to build a ship so designed that hundreds of people could have been saved. But only 8 people were saved! He had warned them and provided a refuge but they spit in His face.
But we’re no better!
God still warns us. Not of a coming judgment of water but of a coming judgment of fire and pestilence. But we are no better than our ancestors. Today to believe in the Bible is to be increasingly mocked. So-called smart people laugh at the Bible, mock it, and generally mock God. They ask:

  • Where is God?
  • Where are His miracles?
  • When is His judgment?
  • Where are the preachers of righteousness?

They go about not only mocking God and His Word but mocking Christians. Then there are those who invade our churches to change doctrine. I know of a pastor who once held to the fundamental truth of the imminent return of Christ also called the Rapture. Now he’s departed from that fundamental truth yet still wants to be called fundamental. That’s a story for another time, but my point here is despite God’s repeated warnings we play fast and loose with His Word, we ignore His warnings, and we go on our merry way.
I’m not talking about our proclivity to sin, although that is certainly a major problem. The truth is that this world has rejected God. Nowadays people call that which is evil, good and that which is good, evil. The Bible condemns homosexuality but our world embraces it and its offspring: Lesbianism, same sex marriage, gender identity. etc.

  • Instead of the absolutes of God’s Word we now have the end justifies the means;
  • Instead of the sanctity of life we have abortion;
  • Instead of strong families we have the breakdown of the family and the rise of homosexuality.

Folks, we all need revival; we need Christ; we need the Word of God!
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