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Insights: World of Noah and the Ark

Insights: World of Noah and the Ark

“The Flood is a myth;” “The Ark could never float;” and “There’s no evidence of a worldwide flood.” You’ve probably heard these statements. But are they true?

Not when you take a hard look at history and science. According to evolutionary science our planet is billions of years old. This view teaches that the changes that have taken place have done so over billions of years. The problem is that even though evolutionists exercise great control over the scientific community these days they have not been able to provide legitimate evidence to support their theory.

Instead the weight of observable and researchable evidence supports a far more recent creation. Moreover they have not been able to provide a reasonable understanding of how we got worldwide stories (labeled myths) that tell of a worldwide flood. These stories have even been found where civilization had not previously been visited.

The real reason people reject the Ark and the Flood is fear; fear that they would have to acknowledge there is a God and that He holds them personally responsible for their actions. It is a fear that pushes them to the unreasonable and extreme positions they hold. The plight of the modern day evolutionists should break our hearts. It is like a man desperately holding onto the railing of the ship even as the ship slides beneath the waves.

Take a look at the opening remarks. Science has and is revealing that the Flood actually happened. Unless of course you believe that thousands of local floods could have occurred at the very same time around the world. Or unless you believe that people separated by water and distance could have all come up with similar stories of a worldwide Flood. Such miraculous events would require from us a very strong faith.

When I started writing about Noah, the Ark, and the Flood I believed the Biblical account but I had no other evidence. But, as with all my books, I researched the whole idea. And I have found that not only is there Biblical evidence but secular, architectural, and scientific evidence supporting the Flood. It is no wonder that more and more scientists are leaving the evolutionary theory and heading over to the creationist theory. These are people who have not fully rejected the existence of God and do truly desire to know the truth.

When writing the novel World of Noah and the Ark I did something I’d never done before. At the end of the book I included a Q&A section where sincere questions are asked and properly authenticated answers are given. It required a great deal of research, but I’m glad I did so.

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