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Insights: World That Was

This new feature is called Insights. It may concern a book within the series World That Was, (as today’s blog is), Christland, or any other series or book I’ve written or will write. I hope you find it interesting.

My very first book ever written was Refuge: The Genesis Chronicles. This book would later be incorporated into Perished: The World That Was. It was a look at the 120 years leading up to the Flood. Some people ignorantly speak of the Flood as a myth. But if they bothered to do research they would discover that it actually happened. I find it instructive how people can throw up challenges that prove to be rather easy to refute simply because they desperately want to disprove the existence of God.

Some people say there were local floods around the world at the time of what we call the Flood. But they don’t consider the difficulties such a belief faces. One simple problem is ‘the magnitude of so many Earth damaging local floods all happening about the same time in history.’ For a flood to cause the traumatic effects discovered through the study of fossils it would have to be huge. So the problem becomes even more difficult and can be stated as, ‘the magnitude of so many huge Earth damaging local floods all happening about the same time in history.’

In other words, for such a scenario to be believed requires huge faith. Greater faith than I have. Because it is a faith in ‘chance.’ It is a blind faith in an arbitrary god called ‘chance.’

What do I mean?

Well, by chance:

  • The Universe was formed (currently called Big Bang)
  • The Earth evolved
  • Local floods around the world appeared at same time
  • These floods were huge, mighty floods
  • They all worked together to change the Earth’s surface

And all this occurred without ‘real observable evidence’ and contrary to what is observable and reproducible. Both evolution and creation have one thing in common, they are both theories. However, creationism looks to the God of heaven Who created the Earth while evolution looks to no god unless he is called the god of chance. Both beliefs require faith, but evolution requires faith in a god that is ever changing; a god who is cruel, unhearing, and without a soul.

Perhaps we should worship and learn more about the God of heaven.

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