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Is Trump Responsible for Florence?

Monday through Friday I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at Is Trump Responsible for Florence.
The Washington Post Editorial Board recently blamed President Trump for what was then Hurricane Florence. They even got a global warming “expert” to lay it out to fuel the blame gameDrought . The climate researcher claimed, according to the Post article “that previous hurricanes would not have produced so much rain without “human-induced climate change” and Florence is another indication of global warming.”
This stunning statement drew a quick response from Conservative strategist Chris Barron of Fox news. “This column is so absurd it should be coming from The Onion not the Washington Post. To the extent that climate change is happening, it is a global phenomenon that has been occurring for decades and decades,” Barron said. “The media won’t give Trump credit for the economy but they will blame him for a hurricane. You can’t make this stuff up.””
Apparently you can.
The researcher hides behind “science” and “climate change.” But no facts are produced. This is not a surprise. After all it wasn’t long ago that climate change scientists twisted facts to produce data that indicated great dangers to the world. Their lies were caught and they were temporarily embarrassed. They still make the same claims today even though precious little evidence is produced to support them.
Plus, why should we believe them? They lied for years before getting caught. Can we believe them now?
Too blame any sitting president for the weather is rather ludicrous. Somehow a sitting president is to blame for something that has, according to them, been around for decades. These editors probably believe that our current economic boom was the result of President Obama’s policies although history teaches otherwise.
But isn’t Global Warming a Fact?
That gets a big fat “maybe.” If you review world history climate change is always happening to some extent. Shortly after the Flood the Ice Age occurred according to the latest scientific findings. But you really don’t have to go back that far. During my father’s young adult years in the 1930s there was the severe drought known as the “Dust Bowl.” This was localized to the United States and Canada. But the dust bowl was caused by drought and improper farming methods.
When I was a child in the late forties and early fifties we had extreme cold weather in Michigan and other states. But again that was localized. But we should ask is global warming is worldwide? And that is where the “iffy” comes into play. People on both sides of the argument can support their positions with data, including videos. Another problem with the global warming argument is that it seems to fit in nicely with the liberal philosophy. And that always raises a red flag.
At best the argument that there is some global warming has the most credibility. But it is hard to get alarmed by the evidence. So those favoring the socialistic solutions need greater or stronger evidence. So they reason that they ‘know that global warming is true’ so let’s change the evidence to agree with what we know.’ In most circles that is called lying and is what got them in trouble a few years back.
But Trump is Anti-Global Warming.
That is true. But being anti-global warming doesn’t mean he’s complicit in it (if indeed it is occurring). There is room for disagreement and for reaching compromises on this issue, but blaming the president for something that has been going on is not only foolish but in my opinion stupid.
So What’s the Truth?
Good question. If people would stop throwing mud at those who disagree with them and if the Left would stop their dire, alarmist predictions, perhaps a few intelligent people can truly sit down and determine the truth and what to do about it.
What Does the Bible Say About Global Warming?
The term Global Warming does not occur in the Bible. However at least 1007 years into the future you do read about the Earth being destroyed by fire. The 7 years represent the coming Tribulation and the 1000 years represent the Millennium (1000 year) Kingdom. Both are future events and the fire comes as judgment not as a long warming trend.
There is one fact that we should all consider whether you believe in Global Warming or not. We are stewards of this Earth. Therefore we should be taking wise steps toward preserving our environment. Sometimes liberal thinking is right on, but needs conservative management to make it work. If someone could get the liberals and conservatives to meet and work together we could start addressing existing climate change now and in the foreseeable future.
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