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Judge Jeanine Pirro Thrown Off The View

Today’s Issue: Thrown off The View
Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at Judge Jeanine Pirro being thrown off The View.
One thing that will never happen to me is being thrown off The View.
How can I say that?
Simple, I’ll never go on it. The show is shallow, mean spirited, intolerant, and without merit. I have only watched segments and that was too much. People talk about hate speech and, in my opinion, that is all that is on the show. What has drawn me to watch in times past was someone whom I respected was a guest, so I tuned in to watch. And the ignorance and hate of these women was enough to convince me not to watch them.
Recently Judge Jeanine Pirro was a guest on the show. If you know anything about the judge, she is not afraid to speak her mind. And she did so on the show and apparently this was enough to anger Whoopi.
She kicked the judge off the show. Technically she has the right. But it is also apparent that both Whoopi and Pirro used profanity laced shouts at one another. So that colors the water a little bit. Still, one thing that comes across loud and clear is that the left so hates Donald Trump that they can’t have a civil conversation with someone who is pro-Trump. It is a sad commentary on the times.
The same message that The View consistently sends out: Hate! There’s no honest debate, at least I’ve never seen any. Sometimes the interviews seem to be civil, but lurking in the background is hatred for anything that is not only Trump, but to their right.
Part of the reason goes back to November 2016 when Trump beat Clinton. It shocked them and they show no signs of getting over it. Some have said that the Left is acting like a little child who doesn’t get her way. The child stomps, cries, and rebels.
But the real cause goes back much further to the time when God was kicked out of our schools. Predictions were made at the time as to the results and we have seen those predictions come true. In fact, I would say things are worse than predicted. We are now a nation divided into two camps, the Conservatives and the Liberals with no real discussion taking place between the two views.
And it isn’t just two political views. We have the Left hating the Right, the Atheist hating the Christian, the Poor hating the Rich, the Rich hating the Poor, the Black hating the White, and the White hating the Black.
And then we have shows like The View (there are others) that purposely stir up feelings of hatred and jealousy. I don’t know the rationale behind it, but it’s ripping us apart.
Lack of civil discourse is more than bad manners.
It is a reflection on our times and of our departure from the Christian way of life. You could almost call it an attack on all things Christian or perceived Christian. And if our nation isn’t careful it may just call for God’s judgment!
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