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Keeping Your Writing Fresh!

Today I am writing about Keeping Your Writing Fresh.
Have you ever run up against a wall? The words just won’t come. Or how about have you ever looked over your writing and felt it was stale, boring?
I think all writers run into it. Whether its Writer’s Block, staleness, or something else you find your writing a drag. It has suddenly become a chore, leaving you tired.
I would be less than honest if I said I never was frustrated with my writing, but I have kept it in the rare category.
How do you keep your book fresh?
It’s not as tough as you might think. Consider, if you will, your brain. God created your brain to function and accomplish much. The brain is able to multitask. Now, I’m not talking about your perceived abilities. You, or your mate, may laugh at the concept of you multitasking. But the brain has that potential.
What’s Multitasking got to do with it?
I’m not a scientist or a doctor but I believe the brain can get tired. I’ve heard it referred to as a muscle. And a muscle can get tired. In fact, if you don’t use your brain it can deteriorate. The brain needs exercise, so I invite you to consider multitasking as exercise.
I often work on multiple projects. For example, I am working on two unrelated novels (one is a World That Was novel and the other is a Christland novel) plus I’ve been working on a catalog and this blog. Does that make me better than you? No. What it does is it keeps my brain fresh. Just as physical exercise stimulates the flow of blood to the muscles of your body, so I believe multitasking (exercising the brain) stimulates the flow of blood to your brain.
So What Do I Need to Do?
I’ve already answered that in part. But consider these ideas:

  • Work on more than one book at a time
  • Start a blog
  • Read a book
  • Work a crossword puzzle
  • Take a nap

Wait a minute, I thought you said exercise!
I did. But your body needs rest, also. Besides, the brain is hardly inactive during sleep. It is still maintaining all your bodily functions and, if you dream, it activates and uses your imagination.
I might add I quite often take a nap. I had a heart attack in 2014 and while physically I am still able to do the things I used to do, mental work tires me out. So I’ll take a 15 minute nap and I’m refreshed.
It’s amazing how a short nap or multitasking can freshen the brain. The brain is designed by God to be able to do more than one thing at a time. In fact, whether you believe it or not your brain is multitasking right now. For example, right now I’m working on this blog, but I am also listening to a CD of music, and my head is moving back and forth in time with the music. Add to that the manipulation of my eyes, fingers, and ears enabling me to do the task before me.
So What Do You Suggest I do?
In my opinion I think you should try to do all the things that I have mentioned. And add to the list. Oh, and there is one other thing. Don’t be afraid to walk away from your work for a while. Sometimes that is just the right thing to do!
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