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Tess & R. Frederick Riddle

Founders of T&R Independent Books Tess and R. Frederick Riddle are authors. Tess has published her first novel and R. Frederick has written over 13 books.

They founded their publishing business in 2014 and the bookstore in 2021.

Our motto is “We edit, proof, and publish the book within you”

Contact: R. Frederick Riddle at for more information

It’s fitting that our Media page feature our story. On August 13, 2014 Teresa (aka Tess) and Ronald (aka R. Frederick) Riddle launched T&R Independent Books.

Initially its primary purpose was to publish their R. Frederick’s books and Tess’s future books. Deciding they wanted to do it right rather than push for instant sales, they set about the time consuming task of removing his books from previous publishers and republishing them under the T&R imprint. This entailed a lot of hard work, including updating and rewriting some of the books. Though time consuming, it gave him the opportunity to edit and correct the books so that the final product was actually better than the original.

In 2018 they completed this project so that now all the books are published under the T&R imprint. These can be found in our catalog. They are excited about the future which will include teen books written by Teresa (Tess). Although currently undergoing cancer treatment, she remains actively pursuing her own dream to get published and her first novel is approaching the finish line.

In January of 2019 they decided to establish TR Writing Services as a department of their publishing business. The concept was simple. Help the “little guy” get his or her book published. As can be seen below the landscape for authors can be treacherous. While the inspiration and technical beginning was 2019, actual launch took place in 2020.

Mr. Riddle’s motivation stems from his own struggles dating back decades ago when he couldn’t get published. As a young man trying to learn the do’s and don’ts of writing he quickly discovered that there was little help available. Worse yet was that the help available was not cheap! And it turned out that the one service he used was a scam or at least scandalous!

And while there are numerous writing services available they seem to be oriented primarily to academic writings. These usually are costly services that can reach thousands of dollars. In addition, writing services are offered by self-publishing houses, but again these can be costly. From the outset, TR Writing Service has worked to keep our prices down, while emphasizing quality writing, Kindle approved formatting and book cover design.

Our Commitment

TR Writing Services is an affordable service designed to enable new and struggling authors to get published. While we don’t engage in marketing, we provide the author with a webpage which includes their picture, a brief bio of the author, book cover, and description of the book. Included are links to their Amazon page (which we help them set up) where their books are marketed.

We work closely with the author to insure that the author’s voice prevails throughout the book. We strive for a balanced book that is grammatically correct with correct spelling while at the same time keeping to the author’s original style. We believe the author should be in control and not a publishing house. And when the book is finished it will bear the KDP imprint and their name!

And now they have added TR Bookstore in 2021 which features their books.

TR Writing Services (aka T&R Independent Books) is located in Port Charlotte, Florida. Writers interested in using our services to get published should contact us at and mention TR Writing Service in the subject line. We will respond with a free brochure that describes our business and a free Guide to Writing.

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