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Monday News & Comments 08 17 20

Today’s Issue: Kamala Harris

Welcome to Monday News & Comments.

Where does Harris stand on the Issues?


  • Pro-Choice
  • Supports preventing states from enacting laws without first clearing with Justice Department
  • Supports repeal of Hyde Amendment

(Pro-Choice, a feel good name for Pro Abortion, is now accepting abortion right up until birth.)

Climate Change

  • Supports giving grants to coastal communities to prepare for sea-level rise
  • Supports the Green New Deal

(The Green New Deal is a prescription for disaster. Major industries, including mom/pop businesses would be negatively impacted. It could reduce America to a 3rd world country.)

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Opposes death penalty (formerly supported it)
  • Supported pardoning people convicted of drug-related crimes
  • Supports expanding (packing) the Supreme Court

(The death penalty is 100% effective against repeat offenses; pardoning drug-related crimes would flood streets with criminals; packing Supreme Court would undermine government.)


  • Supports ‘Equal Pay Certification’ to prove companies not giving preferential treatment regarding pay, promotions, & more


  • Supports College For All Act (eliminating tuition/fees for public colleges/universities for Americans earning less than $125,000/yr.
  • Supports a limited student loan debt forgiveness program

Election Reform

  • Supports abolition of the Electoral College
  • Supports updating and reinvigorating the Voting Rights Act

(Electoral College protects small states; founders intentionally included it.)

Foreign Relations

Supports Israel

(This is what our country should always do.)


  • Supports universal background checks
  • Supports ban on assault weapons

(Attack on 2nd Amendment; most hunting rifles would be included.)


  • Supports “Medicare-for-All with public option”

(Would bankrupt nation.)


  • Supports Homeowners Bill of Rights
  • Supports debt reduction for homeowners
  • Supports refundable tax credit for families making less than $100,000/yr.
  • Supports $100 billion program to help Americans of color buy homes
  • Supports reforming eviction and screening processes


  • Supports possible abolishment of ICE
  • Supports DACA

(ICE protects our borders; most claims against it are false. DACA no longer an issue.)


  • Supports federal legalization of marijuana
  • Supports expunging marijuana convictions from people’s records

(Medical marijuana is different from marijuana.)


  • Supports reparations

             (Opportunities for Black people to advance already exist and should be improved. Reparations are not justified or needed.)

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